Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"Perception Shifts and Reality Changes Accompanied by Waves of Doubt and Fears"

photo credit- Robin Sharma

What should you do when you Experience "Perception Shifts and Reality Changes Accompanied by Waves of Doubt and Fears"?

Well the best thing you can DO, for yourself, is EXPECT "perception shifts" - and "reality changes" - to COME! - out of NOWHERE it seems; ACCOMPANIED by "WAVES, of doubt"; and FEARS!  WHY?  BECAUSE, you are living, in 'the End TIMES'; this IS 'the time of, the APOCALYPSE!' - and the CERN waves, ARE increasing!  Not only THAT, but the OCCULT world - is taking ON, the Faithful Remnant Church - TRYING! - to get them, to embrace "FALSEHOOD" - to make their PRAYERS, "ineffective".  Understand?  THEREFORE! - what can you DO? - when these things HAPPEN?  KNOW that, 'the TRIALS', WILL pass. The WAVES, will pass OVER you.  You SIMPLY need to stay "ANCHORED, to your True SHEPHERD - Jesus Christ the LORD"! - AND to His Blessed MOTHER - in your INTERIOR life.  The MORE you resolve to FOCUS, on your CREATOR - and on HEAVEN! - the LESS, you will 'NOTICE', the waves, when they DO increase; and the LESS, you will be AWARE, of the ATTACKS.  When attacks COME, do not FOCUS on THEM; FOCUS on the SOLUTION.  EXPECT! - "discomfort".  EXPECT "EXTREME challenges"!  BEING a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, is NOT for "the faint of heart".  The faint of HEART? - are 'the ones, who desire, "COMFORT" - ALWAYS!' - EVEN to the point, of SACRIFICING themselves, to the DEVIL.  Understand?  Your STRENGTH, comes FROM, Jesus Christ the LORD.  HE alone, 'SUSTAINS you'!  If EVER, you think, this journey, is "too DIFFICULT" - REMEMBER what He endured - for you ALREADY!  REMEMBER, that you are not called, to LIVE a life, of "LUXURY"; but you are CALLED to embrace, 'the DAILY adversities', that COME; and OVERCOME them! - by TURNING, to JESUS Christ the LORD - as He IS "ABOVE you".