Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Stop Focusing on your "Feelings"

photo credit - Emotionally Resilient Living

You need to stop focusing on your "feelings".


NOW you know, the Most High TRUE God, as 'a very loving FATHER', and what a Blessing it IS, to have "a LIVING relationship", WITH Him! - AS you seek to be FULFILLED, with His Loving PRESENCE, EVERY day!  And the BEST way to DO this, IS by reading the Testimony; AND, by praying the Burning BUSH Prayer, DAILY.  By PRAYING the Burning BUSH Prayer, DAILY - you are basically TELLING, your Creator, that you ADMIT - that you have "FAULTS, and SINS" - but that, YOU, DESIRE, to seek to OVERCOME them - WITH the Help of His Grace.    You KNOW the Testimony, IS, "the Recipe for SALVATION"; and THEREFORE, just like in COOKING, there are certain INGREDIENTS - and they NEED, to all BE there! - in order, for the FINAL product, to turn OUT right.  You HAVE all the ingredients!  You SIMPLY need to USE them!  But one PROBLEM, that YOU, are running INTO - is 'FOCUSING, on your FEELINGS'.  THINK, of "FEELINGS", as 'HOPPING on an OIL slick' - and going for a RIDE - only, it ONLY goes in one direction - DOWNHILL!  The ENEMY, desires you, to FOCUS, on "ONE feeling"- ONLY so that, 'MORE demons, can come' - to "the party".  THEREFORE, you REALLY need to FOCUS, on 'OVERCOMING your DESIRE, to focus on how you FEEL'.  THERE is SO MUCH information, in the TESTIMONY, about "FEELINGS", that will HELP you!  WHENEVER you are TEMPTED, to embrace, "FEELINGS" - JUST turn, to Jesus Christ the Lord, in that MOMENT - and give them ALL to Him! - and TRADE them, for "TRUE, JOY!"  PRAYING a decade of the ROSARY, to the Blessed Virgin MARY - under her TITLE, "CAUSE of True JOY" - WILL HELP! - TREMENDOUSLY.

Source: testimonyof the two witnesses