Monday, December 12, 2016

Disadvantage of the TATTOOED Christian

Leviticus 19:28
28 “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.

The sacrifice of the wicked is detestable—
    how much more so when brought with evil intent!

Seven reasons why tattooing is so dangerous and put you to disadvantage:
  1. It increases your warfare because you constantly have to walk in humility to walk with GOD , to sense His peace, to sense the joy, the Lord is your strength.
    You must walk in humility so you can no longer be aware of your vanity.
  2. It causes deep regret.
    Seventy per cent of people who have been surveyed, they despise, they loathe the fact that they put those tattoos on their bodies especially where it is visible.
    Even in the US army of America, you are not allowed in the armed forces if you have visible tattoos on your face, your neck, your hands, your wrist. They will not take you. Not even our armed forces want people who have done this to their body. GOD said I'll take you but you got to understand what you're working with. That you are dealing with a serious spirit of vanity, that you feel it and this is why God has given me this word to help you understand, that you have to fight, that you have the war, that you have to come before the throne of grace to get some help on this thing, to shut it down, to trap that mouse in your house .
  3. Being wrongfully judged.
    If you don't put a dragon all inside your neck, you got tweety bird right here.
    Now, you have met someone, you're going to marry this person. They take you to meet their family, and you got this dragon all over down your face, you think that their father will want to release their blessing? That father will be like...And you can tell them all day long: “Dad he is so great. Mom, he is the best. And they like huh. They're judging your dragon.
  4. It prohibits you from gaining employment opportunities.
    Because a 500 fortune company, with all your talent skill, is going to have a hard time getting past that tweety bird on your face. They'll have a hard time to think, he can't be in management, he's got tweety bird tweety. Ain't no tweety bird coming up in here. It's going to stop, it's going to block you. And remember the principle: Man judge by the outward. It's God that judges the heart, but you must never take lightly how you showcase and adorn your body. It matters.
  5. You are constantly self-conscious.
    That's why we have to bring this before the throne of grace to break that soul tie, to destroy and to annihilate this disposition that will keep bringing you back to self because as long as you are in self, constantly thinking about you, depression is coming because the rule of God is to love Him with your whole heart, soul and strength and once it's all about you , you can't win.
  6. When you put a person that you loved who passed away, you have put RIP on your arm, and their name in their face; like that magnet it draws you to the spirit of death. It draws you to darkness, it draws you to a sad place, it draws you to grief, it draws you there like a magnet. Because every time you see it, you become it, what you constantly looking at, that thing will affect you. You will become that, It's like faith, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. So what I see what I hear, it affects me.
  7. When you put an X on your neck, you have written your name on your body especially in a sexual place on your body. You have dedicated that tattoo to your spouse, to your ex girlfriend/boyfriend, you will be connected in the soul. We call them soul ties. God said: I've got to cut that thing.” He's going to destroy it because if you break something, you can make it back, put it back together. Remember the weapon of the warrior of Christ. What is weapon that we keep at all times? That assault weapon is called prayer, it's called repentance. How do we trap the enemy in our soul constantly drawing you back to exalt yourself? When you know you love Him, we got to kill vanity. How do we do it? Confession traps vanity. Because when you are in a posture of prayer, it is humility. And when I humble myself before the living God, I go by faith. The blood of Jesus still has power. It reaches to the lowest valley and it will go to the highest mountain .
    God is saying, “I need you to use the blood.” When those feelings of vanity, those thoughts are upon you, begin to walk with your neck outstretch. When you meet someone new and you know that this tattoo is visible, that you will not raise up to think oh they're looking at me.No, kill it. You confess it immediately. You say, God, I am having these thoughts of vanity. I plead the blood.It can wash away the sin, and make us whole again.
    There is your keys to recovery Plead the blood of Jesus by faith, We rebuke the spirit of vanity. We ask God for mercy and grace to destroy, to annihilate, to dislodge, to dismantle that spirit of vanity.
    Lay your hands on that tattoo.We curse it in the name of Jesus. Your open door is shut now. We slam that portal shut . What can separate us from His love? Nothing.We are victorious because of His blood. Do it by faith.

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