Saturday, December 24, 2016

The End of the Antichrist in the White House?

photo credit - believe acts

He's still there, and he knows his time - referring to the approach of the end of his second term, is short.  Do YOU think "the enemy incarnate" in Obama, is simply going to hand over all his power, to Donald Trump?  Are the American people, giving their Creator ANY indication, that they want the MERCY of the Most High True God?  And so WHAT is Obama DOING to steal his third term, from BEHIND the scenes?  It started with the motion to recount the votes.  Then the claims that a Russian hack on some emails magically changed the outcome of the entire US election.  And then multiple waves of MSM propaganda smearing Trump from every possible angle.  Then the movement to pressure individuals in the electoral college to NOT represent the majority vote of the state they were from.  Then the new trend of MSM sites posting very ANGRY photos of Obama.  Then, the well-publicized exit interview of Michelle ("Michael") Obama talking to Oprah, saying, "See, now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like".   This is going to get quite interesting folks!

And why is it GOING to get "quite interesting"?  We have mentioned "Predictive Programming" elsewhere in the Testimony.  The Epic movie "Star Wars Rogue One" - scripted by the illuminati - was STRATEGICALLY released, in MOST countries on December 15, 2016 - exactly 10 days before Christmas; but ALSO in the last few weeks leading up to the end of Obama's second term.  And in the final MINUTES of the movie - there were THREE! - EPIC! - and MOST DELIBERATE! - PREDICTIVE programming scenes.  First, the scene of a mushroom cloud from an atomic blast - that killed the lead FEMALE character in the movie.  Second, the image of the black leader, "Darth Vader", killing everyone in his path.  And finally - the SHOCKING digital animated figure of "Princess Leia" - responding to the question, "What is it they have sent us?" - by blurting out, "Hope!"

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  When America voted for Obama, they voted for "false hope".

Source: testimony of the two witnesses