Monday, December 26, 2016

"Nostalgia", and "Living in the Past"

photo credit - like success

Have you been feeling OVERWHELMED, as you strive to OVERCOME, "nostalgia", and "living in the past"?

Yes, the BIGGEST obstacle, to receiving fraternal correction, IS in fact "pride".  And when the PRIDE manifests - it can OFTEN, be followed WITH, by anxiety.  ONE thing that is important, to REMEMBER - is that when you are "AFFLICTED, by ONE demon", you can GUARANTEE, that it brought 'OTHERS' with it!  THEREFORE it is important to do even MORE discerning - OF 'the exact NAME'; OR, you can ALWAYS, simply 'pray a short prayer', to the Most High True God - giving Him ALL! - of the EVIL spirits, IN and around, your Soul - and TRADING them, for 'His TRUE Peace'.  THIS is simply, a QUICK prayer - when you are EXPERIENCING, 'an OVERWHELMING feeling', IN the moment.  To BE "overwhelmed", means THAT, the DEMONS are coming AT you from 'ALL different directions'; and the ONLY way to 'OVERCOME', the EVIL, is by TURNING to Jesus Christ the LORD - and keeping your eyes 'FIXED on HIM' - while you REJECT the evils, and TRADE them, for His TRUE Peace.  ONE thing that will HELP you, is if you ASK the Most High TRUE God, FOR the Grace, to DISCERN, 'the DIFFERENCE between good and evil' - in EVERY MOMENT, in every DAY! - and, to SEND "prevenient GRACES", to HELP you make 'the RIGHT decision', at the MOMENT of temptation.  People, OUTSIDE the Ark, 'THINK', they have 'a RELATIONSHIP', with JESUS - when it is ACTUALLY, 'a FRIENDSHIP with the DEVIL' that they have - because CHRISTIANS, have been "taught" - FALSELY - that GOD is going to 'bow DOWN to THEM', and SAVE them! - without THEM, having to do 'THEIR part'.  But in the FAITHFUL Remnant Church, the Most High TRUE God expects EACH INDIVIDUAL - to ASK, seek and KNOCK - ALL the time! - AND to have "an ACTIVE interior life" - that is "PLEASING to Him", AT all TIMES!  "False christians", OVEREMPHASIZE, "false EXTERNALS"!  But TRUE Christianity, and 'BEING a FOLLOWER, of Jesus Christ the LORD', is about 'where a person's HEART, is'.  Understand?...  STAY FOCUSED, on your CREATOR.  And KEEP BUILDING, on THAT RELATIONSHIP, every DAY! - until it is STRONGER! - than 'the satanic TIES', to your former FAMILY.  And THAT is how you OVERCOME, "nostalgia", and "living in the past".