Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Seeking Daily Divine Counsel

photo credit - Divine Council
It is CRUCIAL, to your spiritual SURVIVAL, that you make a PRIORITY to seek "DAILY" Counsel.  You NEED to pray, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a DECADE of the Rosary, under her title, "Mother of Divine COUNSEL", and "QUEEN of True HUMILITY" - invoking her intercession, to HELP you, to SEE, yourself, IN the Light of Truth.

For Faithful Remnant Members only...)  Have you been feeling a little "ANXIOUS"? 
So, you SAW, "some things", that actually, caused, a bit, of "stress", in your LIFE - because you DID not 'EXPECT, the Most High TRUE God! - to SHOW you, THOSE kinds of Signs!'  But NOW! - "the FEAR of the LORD", has turned into "ANXIETY"; but THAT is "NOT the VOCATION", the Most High TRUE God is ASKING you to EMBRACE; but you are CALLED, to be 'a TRUE Peace'; and to let NOTHING! - remove your Peace...  So, EVERY day, you have TWO CHOICES! - TRUE Peace; or ANXIETY.  And there IS 'NO REASON', to be "ANXIOUS", or "WORRIED" - as LONG as you RESOLVE, to LIVE, for your CREATOR!   
WHY did 'the OTHER PEOPLE', LOSE their FACULTIES?  Well, it HAPPENED over TIME - THROUGH their, "CONSENTS", in their INTERIOR life, to CHALLENGE us; and to CHALLENGE the Most High TRUE God.  They were NOT "Members", ONE day - and then 'FELL off' the next; it TOOK "TIME"! - it TOOK "an ACTIVE CHOICE" - for THEM, to simply 'STOP CARING! - about their SOULS'!  WE know, that YOU care about "your SOUL"... And SO, WHEN you embrace ANXIETY - THAT is your way of TELLING the Most High True God - that "you DON'T TRUST Him!" - but YOU are called, to "TRUST, your LOVING FATHER, in HEAVEN".  YES, He DISCIPLINES! - but ONLY to bring people BACK, to their senses!  But He has 'MUCH LOVE', to share! - WITH, His Faithful REMNANT - if they would ONLY -"SEEK to TRUST Him", and OBEY and DO as He ASKS, in the MOMENT
DO! - your BEST! - and the Most High TRUE God will "do the REST". He is NOT "a harsh, FATHER - waiting to PUNISH, His CHILDREN! - if they screw UP!" - He is SIMPLY WAITING, for them to TURN to Him - for GRACES! - and for HELP! - in their daily walk.  HE knows "the Path is not easy" - but HE can ALSO see the REWARD, at the END of it.  And SO, as "a LOVING Father, WOULD" - He ENCOURAGES! - His Remnant, to PERSEVERE! - and to "FINISH the RACE!"  But WITHOUT competition.

There is NO VIRTUE, in EMBRACING "ANXIETY"; THEREFORE, REJECT your DESIRE, to embrace "ANXIETY", as 'a way of LIFE' - and ASK for the Grace, to embrace 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', INSTEAD.  ASK for the Grace, to REMAIN in the True Peace OF the Most High True God.  PEOPLE in the world, are "ANXIOUS" over MANY things!  But the FAITHFUL Remnant are called, to SIMPLY 'lift UP their need', to the Most High True God - and WAIT! - for His ANSWER - knowing that ALL of their needs - both spiritual AND physical - WILL, be, PROVIDED for!  It IS that simple!  This is 'the WAY', the Most High TRUE God, CREATED, mankind - to BE: COMPLETELY, DEPENDENT, on HIM! - while at the same TIME, doing 'THEIR part'. 

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses