Monday, December 5, 2016

“Limitless", The Scourge

photo credit - NBC News
December  02:

Shortly before "Fentanyl" (the deadly street drug) was released, a TV series, came out - called "LIMITLESS" - that ACTUALLY, was for the PURPOSE of PRE-PROGRAMMING people, to accept "the new drug".  Although it was called by ANOTHER name in the SERIES (N.Z.T.), it was SIMPLY, 'RELEASED, to the PUBLIC', under the name "Fentanyl" - BY, the One World Government - FOR! - the purpose of population reduction - AS "an illuminati boast" - that, in the TRUE Reality - people, have "limits"; and DEATH, is ONE of 'those limitations'.  IN, the TV series "LIMITLESS", the CHARACTER was shown, to be, "LIMITLESS" in his abilities'; but in REALITY, DRUGS, can ONLY, kill!  AND the illuminati KNOW that.  We TOLD people, in the Testimony, that "Big Pharma", is ALL about the money - and MAKING money, OFF, of PEOPLE, IN "their WEAK moments".  And you can GUARANTEE, that they are ALSO involved, with 'the RELEASE of this drug'; and it will SOON be "found OUT" - AND proven!  The reason the Fentanyl overdose antidote, "Naloxone", is being 'given away for FREE' - is ACTUALLY, for the purpose of ENCOURAGING, the use of the DRUG.  AGAIN, you PEOPLE! - can thank "BIG PHARMA", for that!  You PEOPLE, are ONLY going to CONTINUE to be SCOURGED! - with these "TOXIC, substances" - BECAUSE of your REFUSAL to repent, and to reconcile, with your Creator.  And unless you USE theBlessed Holy Water, and REPENT from the Heart, and MAKE amends, you will NEVER! - be ABLE, to BREAK away, from ANY of your addictions - including drugs.  And AS, your GOVERNMENT PRETENDS to CARE about "your NEEDS" - THEY 'SUPPLY', and MAKE 'the drugs', that you are ALL, addicted to.  You FOOLISH people!  You CHOSE to be DEPENDENT, on MAN'S medicine; INSTEAD, of being 'DEPENDENT on your CREATOR'.  You SEEK to 'FEEL, HIGH!' - in your INTERIOR LIVES; but the Most High TRUE God 'CASTS down "the HAUGHTY".'  It's THAT simple!  
Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses