Monday, December 5, 2016

Feeling Worn Down with WORRIES, and CONCERNS, and ALL the CRUSHING Burdens, of this Life?

photo credit -guelphtherapist

Jesus said: The MORE you seek to EMPTY yourself, of 'THIS life', the MORE I can FILL you, with 'My TRUE Presence'.  So COME to ME, My child - MORE OFTEN - with your BURDENS; with your CONCERNS.  The SIZE of the cross that YOU have been given, is "the PERFECT size" for you.  And you CAN, CARRY your cross, WITH the help, of My Grace; AND My WORD - to SUSTAIN you! The MORE, YOU become 'LESS in your OWN eyes' - the MORE, I, can INCREASE, inside you.  The ENEMY, wants to 'WEAR you DOWN' - with WORRIES, and CONCERNS, and ALL the CRUSHING burdens, OF this life; but ALL you need to DO - is TURN to ME - when YOU, are "OPPRESSED"; and USE the BLESSED Holy Water; and PRAY, the DELIVERANCE Prayers - SLOWLY, and from the HEART; and you WILL, 'experience, the RELIEF! - that your SOUL, HAS, been seeking'.  When you SEEK to do MY Will - in EACH MOMENT - THEN! - you are 'FILLED, with Joy'.  NO problem! - NO hurdle! - and NO MOUNTAIN! - can COME, BETWEEN 'MY LOVE for your SOUL' - as LONG as YOU! - are WILLING to COOPERATE, with My GRACES! - to REMOVE those "obstacles", so that YOU can be 'FILLED', EVEN more! - with My DIVINE Love.  "DIVINE Love", WILL make, your cross "LIGHTER, and more of a JOY to CARRY!"  Now you KNOW, that 'TRUE Love' - is NOT, "a WARM fuzzy FEELING", inside; but TRUE Love, is 'a DESIRE, to DO what is GOOD and PLEASING! - in My Eyes - ALWAYS!'  No MATTER, how ANYONE else, 'chooses to respond'; when you LAY your life DOWN - for your BROTHERS and SISTERS in the FAITHFUL Remnant - you DO so! - by LOVING "fraternal CORRECTION"; and by LOVING to be INSTRUCTED by the True Holy SPIRIT - TO the point, where YOU will be able to instruct OTHERS!  So IN everything, SEEK to be 'UNITED, with My DIVINE WILL' - by ACTIVELY SEEKING, to do EVERYTHING, you are CALLED to do - out of LOVE!

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses