Wednesday, December 21, 2016

News from Heaven

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Learn about our relief from Project Bluebeam, GMO, Global Government's control over the mainstream news outlets, Fukushima and Chernobyl radiation, mercury-laden vaccines, Chemtrails, godless public education, global satellite surveillance system, corrupt financial institutions, abortion, false feminism, contaminated water, war, technology, antichrist in the white house, illuminati hierarchical structure.

  1.  The end of GMO foods?                                                                                                 Forcing people to pay more, for produce that has not been poisoned by Monsanto's genetic modifications, is an injustice, that will soon be remedied, by the Most High True God's Divine Justice.

  2. The end of Project Bluebeam?

              That "GLOBAL psyop", will not be up and running for much 
  3.  The end of Fukushima and Chernobyl radiation?
     After the radiation has expedited the departure of the enemies of the Most High True God, its effects will be minimized, by a simple Command, from the Throne of Heaven.
    Yes, that WILL be news! - REAL news!

  4.  The end of mercury-laden vaccines?

    They simply will not be necessary, as the illuminati's human sacrifice population reduction program, will ultimately cease to exist WITH them.

  5. The end of Chemtrails, streaking across the sky?

    We are quite confident, that since the global governments agree that they want fine particles of dust, floating in the air, around the world - the Most High True God, can simply answer that prayer, by waking up so many volcanoes, that the program will no longer be necessary.  Perhaps a new volcano under each capital city?  We will have to wait and SEE, how this unfolds.

  6. The end of the godless public education programs? 

    The King of Heaven will be acknowledged by everyone.  Simple. 
  7. The end of the global satellite surveillance system and the National Aeronautical Surveillance Association (NASA)?

    What goes up, must come down.  It's called "the law of gravity". 

  8.   The end of the corrupt financial institutions?                             "In the Most High TRUE God we will TRUST".  And 
    bartering, will become a much more common practice, once again.

  9.   The end of abortion?

    All forms of satanic and luciferian human sacrifices, will ultimately perish WITH the father of lies, the devil - in the Eternal Lake of Fire.

  10.   The end of false feminism? 

    That will happen pretty soon.

  11. The end of contaminated water?

       That end times Scourge - that is really only a few decades  old    by the way - will end with the generation, that refuses to be healed by the Blessed Holy Water. 

  12. The end of war?  
In the fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth, angry men won't be running away from their wives, in order to kill someone, any more.  It will be quite the opposite, in fact.
  1.    The end of technology?
    Technology can and will be used for GOOD - NOT as a means for the NSA to download all the new activity on your computer, every time YOU think YOU are "downloading, the newest microsoft update"


  2. The end of the antichrist in the white house?

    He's still there, and he knows his time - referring to the approach of the end of his second term, is short.  Do YOU think "the enemy incarnate" in Obama, is simply going to hand over all his power, to Donald Trump?  Are the American people, giving their Creator ANY indication, that they want the MERCY of the Most High True God?  It started with the motion to recount the votes.  Then the claims that a Russian hack on some emails magically changed the outcome of the entire US election.  And now we can see multiple waves of propaganda smearing Trump from every possible angle.  This is going to get quite interesting folks!

    And why is it GOING to get "quite interesting"?  We have mentioned "Predictive Programming" elsewhere in the Testimony.  The Epic movie "Star Wars Rogue One" - scripted by the illuminati - was STRATEGICALLY released, in MOST countries on December 15, 2016 - exactly 10 days before Christmas; but ALSO in the last few weeks leading up to the end of Obama's second term.  And in the final MINUTES of the movie - there were THREE! - EPIC! - and MOST DELIBERATE! - PREDICTIVE programming scenes.  First, the scene of a mushroom cloud from an atomic blast - that killed the lead FEMALE character in the movie.  Second, the image of the black leader, "Darth Vader", killing everyone in his path.  And finally - the SHOCKING digital animated figure of "Princess Leia" - responding to the question, "What is it they have sent us?" - by blurting out, "Hope!"

  3.   The end of the illuminati hierarchical structure?

    "How is it that two people can bring down the entire illuminati organization - globally?"  THAT, is the question, they have been asking themselves - as their structure crumbles, systematically, subtly, not so subtly, and completely.  Jesus actually gave us the answer to their question last night; He reminded us that we wield the Power of the Most High True God - HIS Power. [Of course, we can only "wield His Power" - when our will is perfectly united with His Divine Will - the Will of the Creator of the Universe - for the record.]  Whereas the illuminati wield the power of the ANTICHRIST.  Personally - and I don't want to sound "biased" - but it seems to make sense to me, that the power of the one who Created the entire Universe - and who hears the thoughts of every human being - past, present and future - all at once! - seems to be "the more INTELLIGENT choice" as an object of worship.  This is obviously "radical thinking", in the minds of almost everyone outside the Faithful Remnant, at this point in human history - and so there is really no point in extending this paragraph any further.  You can try Jeremiah 51:15-19 - for further "thoughts", on this topic.
  4. The end of the Global Government's control over the mainstream news outlets - including newspapers, news shows, news websites, and even a multitude of fake alternative news outlets?  

Source:  testimony of the two witnesses