Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Don't Miss Your Encounter


Don't miss your encounter with YESHUA because of religious protocol.

Water baptism doesn't give you entrance into heaven, it's your personal relationship with Jesus. If you don't, you'll miss the opportunity to meet Jesus.

You'll miss Jesus if you refuse to believe that He 's the only door to heaven. Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

  1. Do not rely on a go between to meet YESHUA.
    When you have a personal relationship with Yeshua, go directly to Him for your needs, confess your sin daily and repent.
  2. You go directly to Him and praise Him daily.
  3. You talk to Him one on one as if He's your best friend


    Find a secluded, quiet place, no electronic devices. Worship Him in spirit and truth. Meditate on scriptures. Release scriptures by reading them out loud and keep your thoughts really focused on Yeshua and Yahweh. 

    I've written a book called “Soak in My Love, My Bride” that details seven ways to have an intimate encounter with Yeshua. And if you are interested in reading that book, go to, you go to my book tabs and I offer a free PDF download about all of my books. If you don't want a PDF, then you can order them from my publisher on my website.
    So, Now I want to talk about recalling previous encounters that you've had with Yeshua. When we'd had an encounter with Yeshua, He will remind us of that previous encounter when times get tough. We see this in scripture.

    In Luke 5:4-8, Yeshua had instructed Peter to launch his boat into the deep and to let down his net for a catch, but Peter said to the Lord: Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing, nevertheless, at Your word I will let down the net. There are so many fish in that net that literally the net was breaking. And it that time in scripture that Peter, James and John left their lives as fishermen and followed Yeshua completely and wholeheartedly. Now I want to fast forward in scripture to the Gospel of John in John 21:4-12, Yeshua had already been crucified, he had been raised from the dead and He had already appeared to His disciples twice already when this scriptures occurred. It says in the scripture that Peter, Thomas, James, John and plus two other disciples decided they were going back fishing and they went out all night and they caught nothing.

    And they were heading back to shore when they see this man standing on the shore and the man asked them: “Did you catch anything?” and they said, “no we did not.” Then this man says to them, “cast your net on to the right side of the boat and you will find some.” So they cast their net out and the scripture says they caught a hundred fifty three large fish, and the nets did not break. And it was at that moment that the apostle John realized that the man standing on shore was Yeshua. John had remembered that first encounter with Yeshua when he forsook all else when he followed Yeshua and he was remembering that this encounter was strikingly similar and that's how he had identified that it was really Yeshua standing on the shore. So when the disciples had uncertainty about their future and decided to go back to their old profession, Yeshua reminded the disciples of the previous encounter that He had with them. He was reminding them that they would become fishers of men and no longer fishermen by trade.

    So, how many of you listening to this video, you've had an encounter with Yeshua, with Holy Spirit, and you know His plan that has been birth within you and yet the Lord's plan has not yet come to pass.

    Well, today Yeshua is reminding you of His encounter with you and He's reassuring you that His plan for your life will be fulfilled. So, don't give up even though times are rough right now. Don't give up on that plan that He has birth within you. It could have been something He told you a year ago, or two years, or ten years ago and you've not seen it come to pass and you have even come to a place where you have given up because you thought well maybe I missed it. And the Lord saying “ “No, you didn't miss it. You had that encounter with Me and that plan will be fulfilled in your life.”
    So, just don't give up. So, I want you to take the time to remember your previous encounters with Yeshua so that you can be encouraged and you don't give up on this plan of Yeshua for your life. Take the time this week and I want you to pursue a new encounter with Yeshua. I guarantee, you will be blessed.
     - Dr. Patricia Show