Friday, June 10, 2016

Messages from the Lord...Rapture dream


God can fix  any of our brokenness, but we must stay with Him,  and with our agreement or consent to follow through only with Him.

Jesus is saying that our intimacy with Him us not full because our past is keeping us separated

Pray for your past: it could be unforgiveness, could be envy, jealousy, anything you might have done. Like when I did that Facebook on Joel Osteen, I still felt guilty afterwards but I know that we need to speak the truth, but we have to do it in love. I'm not out to cut the man down. We're not to do this because God loves this guy. And obviously he was meant to do something great for the Lord, but somehow fear had gotten a hold on him. It's like he's almost afraid to speak the truth so he's only speaking the good things so that people will like him. But the point is, we can't do that, you have to speak the truth or you're going to be responsible for where these people end up. Even if it hurts, or somebody walks away from you, you have to seek speak the truth.

As humans, we like people to like us, it's normal . But when you follow Christ we have to give that thing up and we have to speak the truth. This is something that we have to pray on.. I was clearly shown last night that there is that separation that keeps us from God, stuffs that are in our past that we need to work through.

I've had a lot of that and the Lord is awesome with healing of that stuff.
- Rhonda Epson