Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Leviticus 19:28  "'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD"

All of these things like tattoo, transgender, gays, all these stuff are done deliberately and it's all mainstream because they want to continue to get the masses to spit on the laws of God and in God's face. That's exactly what they're doing. that's exactly what's going on, why they are going on. There's Christian who see this and they are just laughing. This is ridiculous, there's the transgender bathroom. It amazes me how how the put one and one together.

If you read the Bible, all these laws  and all these things are abomination to God and you see what the mainstream media has done and how they pump it up. And you see stuff that they don't admit like human sacrifice, setting up our hierarchy and you study satanism.

It's pretty obvious to see that Jesus Christ is not only the way, the truth and the life, but the King of Kings, the Messiah. The Scripture and the prophecy are being fulfilled  as we speak. 

"Yeah, bro you got a tattoo yet?" 

"Yeah, bro I'm getting inked tonight. Cool, girls are gonna dig it, girls are gonna check me out "

"Huh, you got some mark on your arm?"

They want you to get mark on your arm because they want you to defy God, That's why they want you unknowingly participate in the blood rituals. That's why this pro abortion has gotten so big. It's amazing how they brainwash everyone to be okay with it, when it's a blood sacrifice. That's the reason you hear it over and over again. And they want you to constantly talk about it. They want people to say that Christians are awful because they are not leading a life of pro choice because the woman has the right to make a choice. 

They don't realize the sickness they run the majority of these abortion clinics when women are going in there and having abortions, they're taking the child,  and performing the ritual sacrifice that way. The person getting abortion might have no clue what's going on. Something bad might have happened, she  got raped or may be she got pregnant on accident. and she's been convinced by media that abortion is not against God. Abortion is a good thing, and she's actually participating in a sense in a blood ritual without knowing it.

That's how they trick everyone into living a satanic lifestyle. It's no different with getting a tattoo. You're involved in a blood letting ritual, That's what you're involved in, your cutting, marking your flesh. You're not supposed to do that. So it's not only defying scriptures but spitting in God's face. You're also participating in an occultic ritual practice. Don't do it. If you have a tattoo already, I'm not here to pass judgment. It's between you and God. I pray for you that you repent, stay vigilant in your faith and understanding what's going on.

IF you're someone out there who thinks that tattoo is cool because the media made look cool, they're brainwashing you  because they want you to be involved  in these occultic rituals. They're indoctrinating us with this satanic rituals, these satanic events they perform over and over again which has been going on since Egypt. It's all around us everywhere, whether it's an abortion or a tattoo or pro transgender or pro gay all these stuff that's an abomination in God's eye, the sorcery. magics, psychics and medium, all these stuff, it's all in the Bible. 

So don't participate in these things, at blood letting occultic ritual and marking your body. 

I hope this helps, God bless you, may peace be with you.

- from A Call for an Uprising