Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Apocalyptic Tornados Hit China" 98 Dead 800 Injured

Apocalyptic tornadoes are beginning to break in China, very rare,unheard of. It just don't happen But we're living in a different time as the heavens are being shaken and the atmospheric compression is coming down, straight lines winds and tornadoes are swirling almost like they're demonically possessed.

In China they struck 98 people are dead. It is a disaster as these tornadoes and hail storm have killed 98 people and injured 800. One hundred twenty five miles an hour winds, outside the outskirts of the city area.

Also pray for West Virginia as floods of biblical proportions are raging and 26 are dead.

Are you saved? These are the end times signs that Jesus said would come upon the earth but they are the beginning of sorrow.

- Paul Begley