Friday, June 10, 2016

From New Age to Jesus - My Testimony

Steve  was known as the creator of Facebook page on the spirit world and metaphysics. He was raised a Christian but not a practising one, was led to the spirit world when he saw a television show on ancient aliens. He researched aliens channelling, astral projection, hidden knowledge, spiritual science, mysticism. Then he started practising:things like tarot card reading, meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection. In school he was majoring Philosophy.

Steven: "When you're having out-of-body experience, Christianity seemed naive and childish. I used to look down on Christians as thoughtless and intellectually inferior. But the problem was I would see near-death experiences of people giving testimonies of having seen Jesus in heaven in the afterlife for having seen how and then Jesus pulled them out of hell and whenever they would tell their story, they would be in tears they'd be crying and I would cry,  I would be moved by their testimony.

I was into New Age and Philosophy, but at the back of my mind there's something unique and different, special, pure and holy about Jesus, I couldn't place my finger on it and I couldn't reconcile with what I was researching and experiencing in the New Age so I put it on the back shelf but I knew that there was something different to the person of Jesus. Then after about four to five years of research I started a Facebook page in November 2012 called Spirit Science and metaphysics. It blew up pretty quick and I started to connect with other events and other Facebook pages, we share with each other stuff. Before long, we have about 250,000 likes and around this time, Jordan, from the spirit science,  youtube series, reached out to me and he said he liked my research and my page and  he wanted to connect so we had a work partnership for a while, we had a friendship, he was one of my best friends online.

In January  2014, I launched my website, which some of you may be familiar with and because of the Facebook pages I had connections to,  my websites was a huge success. I  was getting about 150,000 to 250,000 website views a day and had articles that was getting viral. I was basically making a killing for myself out of that revenue.

Being 22, I bought myself a sport scar. Greed and materialism had a big hold in my life. I was obsessed with making money. To be honest, I thought this was god
rewarding me for serving humanity. I felt like by teaching new age doctrine, I was actually helping humanity awakened and raised its consciousness. 

And so  writing articles for my own site and for a while I was also reading articles for the spirit science website. During this whole time, I was still trying to figure out God, trying to understand Jesus,  where Jesus fit into the puzzle where God fit into the puzzle. I used to believe that God was basically the energy of the universe. 

I used to think that to have a relationship with God meant to have a relationship with your inner self and that all you had to do to have a personal relationship with God is just to meditate and tap into that inner stillness, inner silence because God as I thought of them was the I am present core identity of all things. And so simply no role in separating us from God.

I was actually watching hundreds of hours worth of debate between Christian philosophers and atheists because I wanted to know the best philosophical argument for the existence of God, but I thought of God as being an impersonal force in the universe, kind of like the Hindus do. This is the way I understood God and understood Jesus in this way too as being someone who self realize, who realized His unity with the divine and He was calling us to do the same, So I thought Jesus was someone who ascended to His inner-guide nature.

And then in summer of 2015 I decided to buy my first house and here's picture of it here. This is not to brag about my former life or something. That's not something this is about. To be honest, I'm ashamed of my former life. This is so just to share how much greed and materialism and the pursuit of money had a hold on me. 

So, on the outside I was living the dream: the house I wanted, the car I wanted, all the money I wanted, a successful website I wanted. I was working from home, all these things but I felt unfulfilled inside. I couldn't understand how. I had all the  spiritual experience in all this, spiritual knowledge but on the inside I was still unfulfilled. I reached a point where I have to face all of my traumas and all the skeletons in my closet at the exact the same time, just things started blowing up in my face and having always known there is something a little bit different about Jesus, I started to warm up to Him as an idea. I didn't become a Christian, it wasn't anything like that but I just started to explore more open mindedly the things pertaining to Jesus. So I began to read the gospels a little bit and during those time I was still writing articles, I was still making lots of money and I still felt lost inside and I reached the point where I felt that I just had to be broken before Him. So one night I went outside onto my back balcony of my stupid house and I just basically fell on my face before Him and was weeping like a baby reaching out to Him and when I did this I felt the atmosphere around me start to change and I could feel in the air that there something holy and pure around me and He was also personal and I knew in a moment that I was in the presence of Jesus and the quality of everything around me changed. The wind  felt like it was infused with His presence and when it hit me, it just completely broke me. And I felt like He was showing me Himself and who He is and where He stands in relation to me and to life.

I was getting so many downloads about, oh my gosh, this a sample that Jesus is the Lord, Jesus is the son of God. It not some complex mystical thing, When I was in His presence, this is it. This may sound weird but struck me what I really needed  to see and to feel how it sounded like crickets and the leaves on the trees and the sounds that were outside in nature. They were all pointing towards Him, they were all glorifying Him and I was witnessing it. After that experience I went back inside and I started to think about the new age stuff I've been involved with, and just having light bulbs go out of my head. Oh my gosh that's a deception, that's a lie. 

I never wrote another New Age article from that day forward. In fact drinking stopped, smoking stopped, pornography stopped, sex stopped and addiction just falling off immediately, right after one experience and for the first time in my life I had a conviction to righteously and to live a holy life before God. 

When I was in the New Age, the topic of sin doesn't even come up. People don't have a concept of sin, I had a conviction of sin after that experience. A day or two later,  I phoned Jordan and I said: man I can't write for your website anymore. I basically cut all  my work ties, stopped trading New Age occult articles, deleted all the ones on my site that were affiliated with New Age, threw the idols out of my house. burned all of my occult New Age books,  

I started to do a lot of heavy research into topics that they previously thought were safe like astral projection, channelling, aliens and I started the season through this spiritual that I had, felt something had been awakened within me and I was like looking at all this stuff, like wow this is a bunch of crap and because there wasn't really any New Age articles anymore, my income got cut by 97% so I had to sell my house , I just sold my car and I was glad to.

About a week after I had this experience, I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep one night and I could feel in like background in my spirit, I had never felt that dimension to my being ever even in meditation I could feel that there is personal presence there where once used to be nothing, used to be a void. I could feel this thing inside  of me that I never felt before and it was prompting me to read the Bible. It was turning  me away from sin, it was encouraging me to live righteously and I could feel it, it was personal and objective. It was inside of my spirit and I later found through reading Scriptures that it this is called the inner witness of Holy Spirit. Bears witness with our spirit and testifies to us the truth of Jesus Christ and so forth and this for me was the icing on the cake. I mean I felt Jesus like  a week before and now I was feeling Him 24/7 inside of my spirit.

And I remember feeling the Holy Spirit in me, trying to fall asleep, and thinking to myself like wow. Most people don't even know that there is a spiritual way that we can know first hand that Jesus Christ is the son of God and this presence that is in me is authenticated and verified to me the truth about Jesus just by its very nature  So far the last few months, I've been getting my feet under me and studying scripture. I was baptized about three weeks  ago.

I have a new website  too , it's called Exposing the New There's a link to it 
in the description down below. And on that website and you tube channel, we're going through basically  every single new age deception that's out there. There's a lot of disinformation, that's not only false but dangerous and demonic. So we're going to look at that stuff here on this channel, look on the evidence on the divinity of Jesus, the historical evidence for the resurrection and answer questions like who wrote the Bible, what reasons do we have to think heaven or hell exists and stuff like this.

So stay tuned for that and I just want to leave you guys with one last thing I want you to know that God is not an energy  blob, God is not some kind of an impersonal force, God is not some kind of void. God is a personal being who loves you and sees you and has a purpose for you and has a will for you and promised that if you seek Him diligently and sincerely that He will reveal Himself to you,

Thanks for watching. I hope you stay open minded and stick around, take care.
- Steven Bancarz