Wednesday, June 15, 2016

7-day Warning and Other Signs Pointing to June 19, 2016

I thought  there might be a 7-day warning on June 12.
Noah was given a 7-day warning by the Lord before the flood was started.

The shooting event in Orlando has many interesting things that could possibly be 7-day warning to us of what's coming on June 19. First, we have 50 people killed. So we see that incredibly important number 50 pointing us to the year of Jubilee and Pentecost. Secondly, we see that 50 were killed and about 50 were injured. So we have like a 50-50 pointing us to half of the virgins being taken and half left behind.

We hear that one of the witnesses said that the doors were being held close so that the people could not escape. This again reminds us of the parable in Matthew 25 where the doors closed and the foolish virgins do not escape the judgment that is coming.

And fourthly we see that this tragedy happened at gay bar showing that this judgment that is coming is connected to America's acceptance of gay marriage and all of the issues that are going on in connection to the LGBT movement in the United States.

They are all at the top of my head, there may be other signs regarding this incident that were meant to be a 7-day warning of what's coming next week.

In addition to June 19th being Father's day, it's also Juneteenth Independence Day which commemorates the freedom from slavery in America.

In Southern hemisphere, winter starts on June 20th. Jesus said to pray that your plight not take place in winter. June 19th is the last day before winter starts for billions of people and the last day before summer starts for the rest of the world's population.

Based on calculation, the scriptures point to June 17 to 19, 2016 as the start of days of darkness on the earth.

- Renee M