Monday, February 13, 2017

WHO are the GREATEST False Prophets at this Time in Human History?

Photo credit: TCC

Antipope Benedict XVI - whose True anointing from Heaven was removed on Easter Sunday, 2007, and given to Pope Peter the Last - who was in Rome, Italy, on that day.  As a direct result of a mass intention by Pope Peter the Last, Benedict XVI was told to step down, by his illuminati handlers.  Benedict did step down, as a demonically disfigured and possessed pope - as a disgraced pope, who became the first pope to resign in 600 years.  It is so simple, even a child, can understand.  How are YOU doing?

photo credit:  dailystormer
Antipope Francis I - the successor of the Pope with no anointing, Benedict XVI.  Antipope Francis - an antipope, with no anointing from Heaven whatsoever, is "The Destroyer" - who Saint Francis of Assisi prophesied about - ironically, to say the very least.  And he will single handedly destroy, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, from the Chair, of the ANTI-Peter - upon which he sits.  For he is the full manifestation of the Antichrist, in the religious arena, and he works closely with Obama, who is the full manifestation of the antichrist in the political arena.  (Antipope, Antipeter, Antichrist... quite the resume, don't you think?)