Sunday, February 5, 2017

Are you Afraid of What's Coming Next?

photo credit:  Pinterest

DO not embrace 'the spirit of FEAR' - even in a PLAYFUL way; BECAUSE, it's an evil SPIRIT.  The desire to SCARE, someone - is NOT coming from 'the True Holy SPIRIT'.  This you need to know.  Though it is ACCEPTED WIDELY - by pretty much the whole world.  Understand?... It is ALSO going to help to REJECT 'the spirit of irrational fears'. Of COURSE, there will BE "noises", and you WON'T know the SOURCE, always - BUT, to IMMEDIATELY turn, to "FEARS" - is JUST a way for the ENEMY, to get inside.  Because, he CONTROLS people through "fear" - through "IRRATIONAL fear".  The whole WORLD, has been 'traumatized'; and PEOPLE, are "AFRAID"! - EVEN of their NEIGHBORS; EVEN if you look at the NEWS - you can SEE that they are FOCUSING people, on 'the most GORIFYING, stories' - and "worst-case scenarios, and possibilities" - with CONTINUAL False Flag Attacks, murder, mayhem, chaos - TO create, "a CLIMATE of fear" - so that, the PEOPLE, will CONTINUE to look, to their GOVERNMENTS - for 'the ONGOING solutions' - to, "the world crises". 
Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses