Monday, February 6, 2017

Did you Forget to take out "the GARBAGE"?

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You are finally beginning to realize, that "the SPIRITUAL life" - that is, 'being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - is NOT about "REPAIRING, your OLD self" - No.  It's about "TOSSING it out COMPLETELY"! - like a dirty rag; and EMBRACING, 'your NEW! - identity'  - as 'ONE who has been BORN, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, and of the WORD, of the Most High True GOD'. And now that you are 'learning to ACCEPT', that 'the old YOU', or 'the old PATCH', is NOT COMPATIBLE, with "the new CLOTH" - it is going to be much EASIER, for YOU - to be "CLOTHED in the True Holy Spirit".  For His COMMAND, to the Faithful REMNANT, is VERY specific:  Remember NOT! - 'the former things', nor CONSIDER 'the things of old'.  This ALSO means, "don't THINK about HOW, you USED to be" - because THAT in ITSELF, is a snare; but simply FOCUS, on PARTAKING, in the DIVINE NATURE, of the Most High TRUE God - through the Use of the Blessed HOLY Water, and through 'SEEKING His Divine WILL' - desire to be clothed in 'HIS Mind', at all TIMES!  Desire "the Higher GIFTS, OF the True Holy SPIRIT" - and SHUN! - the WORLD, and all its OFFERINGS.  Simple.

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses