Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Finding Fault with the Testimony

photo credit: Pinterest

Have you been Successful at Finding Fault with the Testimony?

This following Counsel, is specifically for all the people who have resolved to find fault with the Testimony of the Two Witnesses:   Only the DEVIL! - can find fault, with the Saints in HEAVEN, with the BLESSED Virgin Mary, and with the TESTIMONY.  And so when YOU 'sought', to EXALT yourself in your HEART - by 'entertaining', the INSANITY, of, the DEMONS, in your INTERIOR life - and by CHOOSING to see YOURSELF, as 'a GOD!' - YOU, in FACT, went 'BEYOND! - the practice of BLASPHEMY'.  YOU! - UNITED yourself, COMPLETELY! - TO - satan - the FATHER of lies!  And it HAS BEEN! - "HIS, joy" - that YOU have been experiencing...  HE! - is 'DELIGHTED!' - at the fact that YOU! - ARE! - giving in to "SPIRITUAL insanity"!  And it is 'a SCOURGE that you have RECEIVED', from the Creator of the UNIVERSE - BECAUSE! - the DEVIL, tempted you with pride; and you EMBRACED, 'those PRIDEFUL thoughts'.  PRIDE COMES "BEFORE the fall"!  And THEREFORE, you FELL!  And you fell HARD!  And you FELL! - like LIGHTENING!  BECAUSE, YOU are in the HABIT of LISTENING, to 'the COUNTERFEIT holy spirit' - the EVIL spirit, that TELLS you, that you are "a GOOD man"! [...or "woman"! - for all "the jezzies" out there].  TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit BEFORE it is TOO Late!  BEFORE, ALL! - of your SPIRITUAL senses, are COMPLETELY "distorted BEYOND repair".  Shall YOU "PRESUME to be a GOD"! - IN - the midst of the WORLD?  THEN, you are "a FALSE god"! - and you will share "the FATE of all, FALSE gods"!   For the LORD Jesus Christ, can SIMPLY "SWEEP you away!" - with ONE breath, of his NOSTRIL!  Do not TEMPT him!  DO not put the Most High TRUE God "to the TEST" - by SEEING how much EVIL you can embrace and get AWAY with!  For it may SEEM, that 'He is ALLOWING you, to get away with WICKEDNESS' - but "ALL of a SUDDEN"! - the TRUTH - PIERCES through "the CLOUDS of self-DECEPTION", and you are laid NAKED and BARE, BEFORE Him! - WITHOUT a wedding garment - and He casts you OUT! - of the Wedding Feast.  For the DEVIL has "NOTHING in common" with Jesus Christ the LORD.  And, if YOU seek to be "united with the devil" - in TRYING to find FAULT, WITH GOD! - then YOU will be "FOREVER, outside His KINGDOM" - where there is "WEEPING, and GNASHING of teeth".  MAKE better choices! - BEFORE it's too late.