Monday, February 6, 2017

Do you Want more VITALITY and even DEEPER Spiritual Healings?

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YOU will find, that 'the more GRATEFUL you are' - for what you have been GIVEN, from the Most High True GOD - the more VITALITY, you will RECEIVE; and even DEEPER Spiritual Healings, will come. GIVE thanks to the Most High TRUE God, with 'a JOYFUL and GRATEFUL heart' - and He will HEAL you!  Because, it is "SORROW", that brings, "afflictions", as WELL.  It is, "MOODINESS", that brings, "afflictions", to the body.  It is "SELFISHNESS", that brings "afflictions", to the Soul.  THEREFORE, STRIVE to always, LISTEN to the True Holy Spirit in the MOMENT - REGARDLESS of 'how you FEEL'!  Because you are CALLED, to be "GOVERNED, by, HIGHER Principles" - NOT "bestial instincts, AND feelings"...  Stop, 'giving IN, to immediate ANGER' - when you are "inconvenienced".  You are CALLED to be GENTLE, Loving, KIND, and DOCILE - TO the Most High True God.  Understand?

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses