Tuesday, February 7, 2017


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I am here, to tell you all: that there are manymany ‘false visionaries’ in the World – ‘pretending’, to receive ‘authentic messages’ – from My Son, or from Myself.  But I tell you: I am not at Medugorje; but ‘an imposter’, has taken my place.  You did not see the ‘subtle changes’ – because you were looking for ‘signs and miracles’. You were not looking for me, your True Mother.  But your focus, if you are all ‘honest with yourselves’, was “what sign can Heaven perform for Me today?”  Many of you sought ‘healing without repentance’. Therefore worse ‘infirmities’ were ‘added to you’.  Yes you got ‘the healing that you wanted’ – but was it worth ‘the evils that were added’?  It is better to have ‘a clear conscience’ before your Maker, than to seek: for ‘physical healings’, or ‘spiritual highs’.  I am here to tell you, My People, that there are no ‘plateaus, in the spiritual life’; but what God requires, you will giveOr, you will, ‘receive His Discipline’.   You all have been ‘very naughty children’.  And I have seen how you ‘swoon’ – over ‘the false visionaries’, of Medugorje. But I tell you I am notwith them’.  Because power, prestige and position are ‘more important to those souls’.  There is always a temptation to become: ‘a Judas’, when following after the True Messiah: the Lord, Jesus Christ. And they have all ‘sold themselves’ for ‘false visions.  Because I tell you: the stars of Heaven have ‘withdrawn their shining’  – and this is ‘an allegory: for the Elect, losing their ‘Crowns’.”
(-The Blessed Virgin Mary, Tuesday, November 27, 2012)

Pope Peter the Last:  I was in Medjugore in 2006, on the 25th Anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Medjugorje - June 24, 1981.  I even spent one entire night awake on the top of Cross Mountain, contemplating my pilgrimmage through life, and my personal journey as an Ordained Catholic Priest. I am not writing this to boast, but rather to let the millions of people who made that same pilgrimmage to Medjugore, as an act of faith - as a manifestation of their desire to somehow obtain an even deeper faith - to let them know, that The Most High True God has not abandoned them.  It is rather they, who now have the mark of the beast - because it is they, who have abandoned their Creator.  The Blessed Holy Water is still available at this website for free.  Use it!  Have the mark of the beast removed, and humbly, continue your journey.  If you prefer the words of the false prophets, over the words of the Queen of Heaven, that are posted above, then know that God respects your choice, and He will allow you to embrace the false prophets, as part of your Eternal Reward.  
 Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses