Friday, May 6, 2016

Wake Up!!


Be sober, vigilant, be ready. Time is very short.
The enemy is very busy, gathering their forces, rallying their troops and making sure they are ready.

As Christians, we should encourage each other, provoke each other to love in the good works as we see the day is approaching.

The enemy knows that they are to be unrestrained.

It is high time to wake up. We have to cast off anything that is keeping us from close fellowship with Christ, keeping us from where we need to be, keeping us from striving for things of eternity.

Now is the time to examine our lives with extra vigilance, and be extra careful about anything that will creep into our lives and distract us from what we should be doing now, from being focused and being ready, and shining bright for Christ's return.

The warnings are all around us right now, and even the enemy is warning his disciples that the sudden destruction is about to come.

Obama is a decoy, and he's involved in the destruction of America.

The enemy is putting out warnings that they are about to kill a lot of people.

Now is the time to wake up.

We've seen Satan's messages directed towards the church and warning its disciple that the church needs to wake up. The church who doesn't wake up, they shall be staying behind. They know that the church is sleeping, and they laugh because they know most Christians live for the world, dreams and fantasies and the goals that they give them and even tell them wake up. They don't want to wake up, they want to stay in their dreams, the fantasy world. They don't want to serve Christ, they don't want to live for Christ, living as their lives go on, ignoring warnings.

There are so many warnings going on now. Right now, the gateway, the trial for entry of the anti Christ, the beast, and that the church needs to wake up and there's going to be serious consequences for the church that doesn't wake up.
The church that is ready, they are about to leave.

Manhattan Cathedral was engulfed by flames. 160-year old Orthodox church. It is completely gutted and destroyed. 

The church that is not ready will be left behind with the unbelievers and the hypocrites. It will go through the tribulation. 
The church fire is deliberate with a message on May 1,
There will be judgment and destruction on the church that's left behind.

Put on the armor of light right now. NOW is the time with what little we have left. Rise up! You have to be as close to Him. Very soon that's the only thing that matters, not your stupid dreams, not your fantasy world that you are living in. 
Are you shining bright for Christ. That's what is going to matter. We are out of time. Or are you asleep, dreaming, dreaming.

Matthew 24:44

44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

When He comes, how will He find you?: sleeping, dreaming, 
How will He find you? Close by His side, you've cast off everything that have kept you away from Christ , from His Word, from fellowship with Him, from time with Him, You cast off everything aside so you could be close to the heart of God because you love Him more than you love this world.

Excerpt from Informed Christians by Daniel Valles