Sunday, May 22, 2016

Satanist Pronounces Curses/ Graham Turns Them To Blessings


May 20, 2016
It always amuses me when the enemy comes calling. It's like, "You have no ability to learn, have you?" 'Cause it didn't work the last 50 times, but here you are again. It's like, he's in this permanent Groundhog Day kind of a lifestyle.

Here we are again - that's a great movie - I love that movie.

Here you are again. And you don't realize that you're only present to strengthen what God is doing and healing in my life. So, thanks for coming! See it the way God sees it.

I was in my office one day. Phone rings. I don't normally pick up the phone, 'cause I think it's a demonized instrument.... So, but Carol's gone home early for the day, so it's just me there.

So, I pick up the phone, this cloud, this obnoxious-smelling cloud comes into my office. It's like - I could see the cloud and it's...a horrible smell. Pick up the phone, it's a Satanist on the other end. I'm thinking, 'Flippin' cheek!'

I said, "Hey man, there's a cloud in my office, a very evil smelling cloud." I said, "Is this you?"

He went, "We have an assignment against you."

So, I said, "Okay. Let's hear it, then."

So, he starts cursing me. So, I'm listening and I'm writing this down. Write it down, so I read it back to him. "So this is what you're saying, right?"

He said, "Yeah."

I said, "Cool! Thanks, man. Appreciate that. So, you need to know that, one - I'm not scared of you. Two - you haven't phoned me because you've got an assignment against me. You've actually called, phoned me, because I have an assignment for people in the occult. The third thing you need to know is, every curse you put upon my life, God will turn into a blessing. So, I've got some great curses here, man. I really appreciate that. Because blessing in my life is just, like, gonna go off the chart, eh? But listen. I have a word from the Lord for you. 'I'm coming to GET you!'"

Slams the phone down.

So, this cloud disappears. So, I just stand up and start walking around my office saying, "Father, I thank You. So, Lord, what are the opposite things here?" So, I start to write down, it's like I'm writing down a prophetic word. 'Cause the Lord says.... Okay, everything in the opposite spirit is yours in this season. So, I'm making notes. So, I'm making notes, I'm making out all of that, and I pick up this piece of paper and I burn it. Yeah? And I bind the curse and everything, and I burn it - and now I've got this great prophetic word, courtesy of a Satanist!

So, every day I write a crafted prayer around that, and my blessing in my life just start to increase. A few months later, in the office again. Phone rings, pick it up - and it's this guy!

And he says to me, "You may not remember who I am. I was the Satanist who cursed you, you know, what - four or five months ago."

I said, "Yeah - hey, man. I've prayed about you a loads of times." I said, "You wouldn't believe the blessing of God on my life. I am so grateful to you. That was like, one of the turning point phone calls in my life. Brilliant!"

Just messing with him, you know. And he starts laughing.

And I said, "Hang on a minute. You said I WAS this Satanist. What's that about?"

He said, "Well, I hated that phone call." He said, "I'm so used to Christians being afraid, and seeing their lives fall apart." He said, "But I've never got on the end of the phone with a guy who couldn't care less what I was saying. And who had an intention to turn everything around." He said, "And I hated the phone call, I hated the last thing you said to me 'I'm coming to get you.' Because you destroyed all my powerbase. Because I came up against someone who I knew could turn what I said into the opposite. And I knew that nothing worked. I began seeing that God was bigger. And I'd always been - I'd been a Satanist for years. I'd always been in that place where we had the power and everything else, you know?" And he said, "From that point on, I couldn't enjoy the rituals that we did, I couldn't enjoy the meetings. Em, it's like, I was startin' to freak out, startin' to look around, and I was startin' to see how weird these people were. And then I looked at myself in the mirror and say how weird I was!"

He said, "We were in a coven in a meeting, out in the country in the woods. We had a bonfire, we just slit the neck of a cockerel, we're doing a blood ritual. And Jesus just came and stood in the fire. And none of us could move. It's like, my feet were rooted to the floor, could not move."

He said, "And he just stood and looked at us, each of us, for the longest time. Then He just stepped out of the flame and He came up and He touched every one of us. When He touched me, every demon in me fled. Now, we were all filled with the Spirit."

I said, "How many people in your coven?"

He said, "Twenty four. "

I'm thinking, 'Cool!' I get to bless one, I set free 24! Those are good odds, eh? The thing about this is, you need to understand that in your favor there is a place of authority for you. So you have to go to the limit of your favor to discover what the promise of what your inheritance is, and therefore what you've got permission for against the enemy.

You step over that line, you're into presumption. But you stay within the line of your favor, you have authority to speak and say things. Now, the more you press out your favor, the more you press yourself out to the limit of your current prophetic word, the more territory God is going to give you, the more authority that opens up for you. Yeah?

That's why you simply must work with prophecy. Implications for changes, you get power over situations that come against you. You get power over the enemy. In Christ, you are condemned to victory. It's like, you have to be an idiot not to win! God always commits us to a good fight, and a good fight is one that you don't lose. Otherwise, it's not a good fight, eh? That's a bad fight. Yeah?

You have to sit down in the Word, you have to relax before God in it. You have to make your prophetic word part of your devotional routine. Then you get to walk in the Word before God and before people. The Word gives you power to expect and to anticipate - use it. You walk into situations carrying your favor, and you can donate your favor to somebody else. Whether they are saved, or whether a Christian or a pre-Christian, it's irrelevant. You get to donate the favor that you have into somebody else's life, get's them started.

And you have to learn how to stand on the Word before the enemy. Declare your favor. This guy starts cursing me, I said, "Okay, but you need to understand, this is how it works for me. No weapon fashioned against me can prosper." "Cause I know the limit of my authority right now, and I can declare to you, within the rhema of my current authority, that God's going to take this curse and turn it into a blessing.

So, I thank you for it. And I'm going to see what the opposite of these things are, and that's what I'm going to take on board. That's why I wrote out the opposite straight away, I start while I was doing...I wrote out the opposite of all of that. And I said, "Lord, is that enough?" And He said, "No, write something else." So I started again. And when I had something that God was satisfied with, then I could bind the curse and loose what God had told me was going to be mine. Then I could burn that piece of paper and that's over. Has no power anymore. But now I'm expecting this - I have a whole new level of expectation in God about what I've come into. It's like a reverse prophetic word.

What the enemy meant to kill you, God uses for you. And you use the same...You know, David used Goliath's sword to take his head. The very thing the enemy was going to use against him, he used on the enemy. This is our authority in the Spirit. You stand on the Word before the enemy.

Every day then, I began to declare the Word to the Lord. I took that piece of paper that I'd written, all the blessings and I began to declare every day, "This is the Word of the Lord to me." Then I started to press out, what would that look like in my life? If I come into this today, what is it going to look like? What's it going to change for me?

So, I meditated a few days on what the implications of me believing this stuff...that I'm starting to step into it, and starting to press it through. Start to declare it against the enemy. Start to declare it my protection, my favor. And you know, I ended up with a double portion.