Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Judging others


There's so much judging in Facebook.

Video about hell, it's real, it's frightening!

When you see something on youtube or real life, before you judge that person or situation, ask yourself, what would Jesus do. Would He talk about that person on FB judging them. Leading them astray.

We will be judged for judging others. There's only one judge and that is Jesus Christ. And when he judges us, there's no turning back.
We got this chance that we're here right now. You can go through and repent what you need to repent, because when you are standing before the Lord that is your last time.
DON'T JUDGE. Pray for the person, pray for their situation. If they don't change, they will stand before the Lord. 
Thank the Lord that we have this day, to make us ready.

It's fun to debate with other people, but we have to be careful of what we say or what we do. We are responsible for who hears the message. It needs to based on Christ, it needs to be love.
- Rhonda Empson