Sunday, May 8, 2016

The White House and the Vatican are Guilty of Genocide!

                                                photo credit, White House

February 13, 2014
Jesus Christ the Lord spoke from His Throne in Heaven, to my wife and I and this is what He said.
Jesus Christ the Lord said:  What, does it mean, when I say, “you did not choose Me; but I chose you”?  Or, does it mean, when I say, “Many are called, but few are chosen”?  Or what does it mean, when I say, “I put before you, this day, Life, and death.  Choose Life”?  To choose, is a gift – from Heaven.  But when almost, all, of mankind! – has received, ‘the mark of the beast’, then all they are left with, is their routines, rituals, resolutions, and customs. And those things ‘in and of themselves’, are dead! – and can not, help any of them! 
The United States of America has fallen as a nation – symbolized, by the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution – that has fallen as well!  When the antichrist came into power, in the White House, this was at the same time, that ‘the abomination of desolation’, was set-up, in, the White House.  In, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, in that following October, the abomination, of desolation, was set-up, in all the churches.  There is, a connection here, My people:  The White House, is dripping, with the blood, of the innocent; and the Vatican, is dripping, with the blood, of the innocentTherefore, both! – are guilty, in My Eyes, of ‘the horrendous murder’, of genocide! – as both, would not seek, to defend the Unborn, in the wombs, of their mothers.  But the institutional church, gave power, to the people, to choose life, or death; and the people, chose death – for the most part; death – for their little ones.  And over in the White House, there was a push, to protect, the rights, of women, to murder, their little ones.  This may not seem as ‘a big deal’ in the eyes, of the World; but it is, ‘a big deal’, My peopleYou, do not, have, spiritual, vision – to see what I see! Because ‘the mark of the beast’, inhibits, your ability, to see, through My Eyes.  With ‘the mark of the beast’ removed, by the use of Blessed Holy Water, and through sincere repentance, you will then be able, to see clearly, with the gift of True Spiritual Vision.  But until then, you are all, blind!  Francis, and Obama, know their roles, in this world – just as My Two Witnesses, know their roles, in this world.  And My People you have made ‘terrible choices’ – for yourselves, and for your children. My Two Witnesses are here, to help you – if you would but seek the Truth; if you would but come to Me in order to have Life.  Your Time is running out My People.  You do not know the day nor the hour when I will call you from this life.  And you do not need to die with ‘the mark of the beast’ upon, your foreheadsWhile you are alive, you still have hope.  Use the Blessed Holy Water, and, have life.  Because unless you do, you will most assuredly die, in ‘the beast state’ – at some point, in time.
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