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Human Robots In The US Military!

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    May 7th, 2016

Very few of you know of the work that I have done for our Mighty God relative to interdimensional portals and gates! But, it is a very great work, which actually began in the year of 2,000 when a large blue hole began to open up in the sky just over the residence where we lived in North Little Rock, Arkansas.
I would do a great deal of work for our Lord and God in interdimensional spaces for the proceeding four years; and this work was in the constructing of an interdemensional portal and in the closing of other such portals, which were in use, mostly by the fallen angels.
This work would greatly advance through those proceeding years and I would write extensively about such work in Book Twelve of From the Mountain Prophecies at
This work is very extensive, but to make a long story short, those in the military and many of the fallen angels and world elite would begin to travel up and down one of these portals, beginning around the middle of January of 2013.
Because of the proximity of two interdimensional portals to me and to the place, where I live now, I came to know and to understand much about the space travel abilities of the U.S. military, the British military and even such militaries as the Russian and Chinese militaries.

I came to know and to understand intimate secrets of these militaries, but particularly the U.S. military by nature of my own proximity to not only the one portal, but through a second interdimensional portal, through which they travelled out, to the new earth and to Mars, in particular.
But, not only did these go out, many from other star systems came into this earth and for some time, there were some wars out here, which our Saviour would deal with; and I personally witnessed many, who came into the earth from other parts of this universe system and many of them were very belligerent beings.
I only came to understand some months past that some from other star systems, particularly from the star systems of Betelgeuse and Arcturus, had sold or traded some of their worst sorts of military capabilities to some of the world governments, particularly, and firstly to the U.S. military. But, I would later come to understand that those from those two star systems had also sold terrible technologies to China, Russia and to the European Union.
I began to be aware of many humans, who were put out here by the portals and gates, who had been made into robots. But, they were put out here to die away from any, who would know about what the military had done to them; and they would be left to die.  As they can put them into obscure frequency sets and hide them away from detection, this is the perfect way for those in the military to get rid of them, without killing them altogether, as few would ever know of their existence and would not, therefore find them.
But, as oddly as it seems, the Spirit of God would cause me to hear their groanings and I would often be made aware of those, who were put out here to die in such ways.
By this time, our Saviour has taken so many, that these numbers could be in the hundreds of thousands, of all sorts of military personnel, particularly from the intelligence services, but not limited to the intelligence services.  Many have been taken, who came from the underground government, which is beneath the USA, and many came from the various levels of the Pentagon.
These technologies, which these wicked ones in these governments acquired from Betelgeuse and Arcturus are extremely vicious.
To make these robots, they remove their brains, or only leave a part of their brains; and they remove their hearts and put in an artificial heart; and they remove most if not all of their spinal cords  and feed them a chemical food mix.
They become so sick! They are barely alive; and so many of these operations have failed as those from these star systems, who do these surgeries, are not familiar with the human bodies.
Hear me!  For, today, our Saviour took about 1,000 more humans, who told that they were given an incentive to have such surgeries. They revealed that they were told that such surgeries would enhance perceptual abilities and were given a monetary incentive to have such surgeries and promised a pay raise.

Those, whom our Saviour took today, went on to tell that they were turned into robots in an underground base, which is northeast of New Orleans, Lousiana!
Their surgeries failed and they were so very, very sick.  I heard their cries as they were parked in a star ship to the east of Little Rock, Ar, out towards Memphis, Tennessee.
Robots do not get paid!  I know this from hearing the protests of some, who have lived through the surgeries and cried and cried and cried as they were left out here, with nothing, but that terrible chemical mix.   And, some told that they are given a few dollars per week.  But, they did not starve as our Saviour gave them food and they did not freeze as he clothed them until they repented and he took them out to the appropriate hospitals, outside of this earth!
This world is going off the cliff and into a very great destruction! This is the judgement of a righteous God against an arrogant, a proud and a stiff-necked nation.  And, this is the much cherished New World Order of the wicked and unjust!
These wicked ones can put such terrible robot technologies upon anyone! Do not assume that they will ask you to give permission!
We are headed towards a world system of human robot soldiers, who are heartless, soul-less, and mindless, a one mind system. Robots are denied their how thoughts,and are forced to have the thoughts of the large computer systems, to which they are connected.
I am one, who may know more about the inner workings of the space programs of this nation and of the international space program, than any other civilian!  But, I am not a part of their wicked space program, but have been placed in the middle of it so that I can know of it, and so that I can pray for their salvation.
Within the last two years, or so, our Mighty God has taken from this planet many billions of fallen angels and fallen angel/human hybrids, and human/animal hybrids and other sorts of hybrids from within the underground bases.  He has taken them to reform schools and hospitals outside of the earth and He will save their souls in due time. 

The greatest salvation work of all time is going on out here at these gates and portals as these billions of souls are gathered up out here and as our Saviour carries them through these gates and portals.
In due season, this little mountain  will be known as "The Mountain of the Lord,"  of Micah Chapter Four.
Dear souls, I am begging each of you to get on your faces before our Mighty God! Pray to Him in the Name of Jesus and to beg Him to forgive you for your many wrongs.  Plead with Him with your whole hearts; for any of you could be seized and made into a robot  at any time, without your knowledge or permission.  It is an extremely brutal and reckless existence!
These technologies are so terrible and wicked! I have no words to describe my great sorrow and heartache!  I weep for these precious souls, but can only weep and plead for their salvation.  I am so deeply devastated about what I have seen that I am continually dealing with such great sadness before our Mighty God.
We have lost our nation, but I cling to the Hope of the world; and the hope of this world is our Precious Saviour!  For, He is the Hope of this world. He is our Way into salvation. He is our Life and He is the Light of this very dark world.
Repent, oh you people and turn to our Mighty God with your whole heart!  For, God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever would believe in Him, would not perish, but would have everlasting live.

Furthermore, we are told in the word to call upon the Name of Jesus and He will save us.

But, we are told to repent or perish.

So, Yes !  He will save you!  But, you must be sorry for your wrongs and seek His forgiveness. Dear souls, you must repent, or you will perish in the fires of judgement!
So, come to Him with weeping and tears for your wrongs! Humble yourselves before our Mighty God; and He will forgive you.  But, you must be broken and contrite in your heart and spiritually broken down because of your own sorrows for your wrongs. And, as you call out to Him, He will hear you and He will forgive you.
Blessed is the Holy Name of our Mighty God forever and ever!

Linda Newkirk

Source: Mountain Prophecies