Thursday, May 26, 2016

Receive your Prayer Language


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

It's important in these last days that we are filled with the Holy Spirit and that we have our prayer language. Yeshua said in Act 1:8 You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. You shall be My witnesses Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

The Father left His spirit, it's a gift from the heavenly Father so that when Yeshua went back up into heaven, that we would have His power to operate on this earth and to live successful Christian lives.
I want to explain to you why it's important in these last days that we have the baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues. First of all, the baptism of the Holy Spirit with tongues is your personal line of communication with your heavenly Father. So as you pray in tongues, you are directly communicating to your heavenly Father and communicates back to you in spirit. And that is when we get our knowledge, words of wisdom, that soft still voice telling us what we should do and what we shouldn't do. It makes the word come alive.

When we read scriptures, they just pop out of us and we get revelation as we're reading the word. It also says in Jude 20 that we build up our most holy faith when we pray in the spirit. 
And Paul, the apostle, said that we need to pray always in the spirit without ceasing. When I pray in English I run out of words very quickly when I'm praying for someone even praying for myself. But when I pray in tongues, I can pray for a long time, I can pray for several hours at a time without ceasing. I can't do that in English.

So you see it's important in these last days that we are empowered by His Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues because this is OUR WEAPON OF WARFARE IN THE LAST DAYS.

The Lord also showed me that when we pray in tongues it actually does battle, we are actually doing battle in the spiritual realm against the forces of darkness. And when we pray in tongues we actually are activating angels to do battle on our behalf also the angels to do battle against the demonic forces in the second heaven.

So you see this a mighty powerful weapon of warfare that you need to have for these last days.

Now that you understand the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, what I'm going to do is to walk you through step by step how I'm going to impart the baptism. And then after I instruct you, then I actually go into the impartation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But before we do that, the one thing that I have found in ministry, the biggest thing that will keep people from the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, is on forgiveness. 
So if you have any unforgiveness for anyone, if you have hatred, bitterness, or anger or unforgiveness for anyone you need to stop this video right now and you need to go before the Lord and say: Lord, this day I choose to forgive this person, for this man. name the act or the words they spoke to you or did to you that caused the offense.

Once you're cleaned up and there's no more unforgiveness, there are some spirits that we need to deal with that will try to prevent you from getting the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And I know some of you that are watching this video that you have went forward many times to get the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You have watched videos and you watched preachers on TV, you have not received your tongues, and you don't understand why.

First of all, there are spirits that will try to jump on to you that will cause you not to get the baptism. The biggest is the spirit of fear, there's a spirit of doubt, there's a spirit of unbelief, there's any religious spirit. And I say religious spirit, anything that you have been taught from the time you were a weak child as far as religion. There's a spirit that can come with that will actually prevent you from getting the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We'll get rid of that one.

There's also an analytical spirit and that, that's the analytical spirit that tries to jump on in people that are really intelligent, they analyze everything and they try to really think this through in their mind but you have to understand that the gift of tongues does not come through our mind, it comes through our spirit and up into our mouth. This is not a language that you learned through your mind like did when we were little when we learned to speak English. If you remember when you were little, the first syllables that you said was mama, dada,. By the time you were in kindergarten, you were speaking full sentences. That's because that's a language that you learned through your mind and through learning the alphabet and learning word recognition. 
This language is not that at all, it's a spiritual language that Holy Spirit will form in your mouth You will actually speak it but He forms it in your mouth, but it wells up from your spirit and into your mouth.
Once we get rid of those spirits, then I'm gonna have you say is Jesus Yeshua, baptize me in Holy Spirit, As soon as I have you say those words, then I'm going to speak in my prayer language in tongues and then what your job is to do is to open up your mouth like this: AAAA, but then start moving your tongue and lips like this, lalala, bababa and as you start moving your lips and your tongue with that voice, Holy Spirit will the start forming your personal prayer language in your mouth.

I have had people say to me: wait a minute, it just feel like I'm the one saying these syllables. I assure them it's them saying the words but actually Holy Spirit forming those syllables, it's not them forming the syllables . So rest assured that the syllables and the prayer language that you will get today is directly from Holy Spirit and it's your personal unique prayer language which is unique to you and you alone.

So what will happen is that the power of Holy Spirit literally comes through me 'cause I'm just like an empty water hose and the water flowing through me through my voice is the power of Holy Spirit. So when I have you say: Yeshua, baptize me in Holy Spirit that is when Holy Spirit will come through my voice as I pray in tongues, it will come into your ears and then Holy Spirit will begin to start forming those syllables .

Okay, are we ready? First of all here's what you need to do. I need you to say: I reject the spirit of fear, I reject the spirit of doubt, I reject the spirit of unbelief, I reject any religious spirit, I reject any analytical spirit and I reject any spirit that will not bow down to Yeshua. I want you to look at me as I say?: in the name of Jesus Yeshua, baptize me in Holy Spirit . I'm gonna start praying in tongues and as I start praying in tongues, you need to open up your mouth and start saying a la la la ba ko si da , si ka, sa ta ra na la la ku sa pa ra na sa una sa pa ka ha ra sa tu so tu ko ra na sa ta sa ta sa. If you need to, just close your eyes right now, don't even look at me, just listen to what's coming through the video right now. Lu la ka la la so po ti si ma ta so po ku ta sa pa sa te ta sa tasa po una sa ta sa ta sa ta sa. I'll pausefor a minute: do I hear a voice? is your tongue moving? Are you lips moving? E ta sa ta sa ta na ta na to so po ku ta sa . Don't doubt, 'cause the syllables coming out of your mouth is your prayer language so po ko si ti si pa ra na so pu ku . I'm telling you the anointing is very strong right now, it's very strong and it's coming forth right now into you. It's coming. Jesus Yeshua right now is baptising in His Holy Spirit. Jesus is baptising you right now. His Holy Spirit is giving you your prayer language right now. Na sa ta sa pa ka pa so po po ku na sa ta ta . Remeber keep that voice to it, keep the voice una sa ka na ta ra sa keep your eye closed and just love Holy Spirit to flow through you ta ra na sa do si pa ta sa una sa ka si na sa po so ku na sa to re sa pa ka si ti ri ma sa. Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

The syllables you just formed are your initial syllables of your prayer language, and your job is to use your prayer language everyday. Jesus has given you a spiritual muscle today. He wants you to exercise that. It's just like the muscle in the natural. If we don’t exercise our muscle, what happens to them, they atrophy, they become weak. He' s giving you spiritual muscle now to exercise and He wants you to do it everyday, wants to go into your prayer closet.
I do a lot of praying in tongues while I'm driving because I don't have to engage my mind, I just engage my mouth and I do a lot of walking around and praying in tongues . So the Lord wants you to use your prayer language everyday and all you need to do since you've received your prayer language just put your hands up and say Holy Spirit pray through me. And as He praised through you, you will get an increase in your prayer language. The more you use it, the more it will increase.

Congratulations, I'm so happy for you. I want to say one more thing. If by chance you did not receive your first syllables watching this video the first time, please I implore you, watch it another time even if it takes up to three times. Watch until you get your prayer language . This is very very important that you have this spiritual weapon of warfare for these last days.