Thursday, March 10, 2016

"WHY, I Have Been Chosen As the Last True Pope?"


In this video, I am going to get ‘right to the point’.  Thus says the Lord, God of Hosts:   “Why, have you been made Pope?  And why, have I taken My anointing, from pope Benedict XVI, and any “popes” after him?  Why have I done this “strange thing”?  Have I “changed”?  Or “what, did I think”, when I made, this decision?  I hear these questions in peoples’ interior lives My children.  And I want to answer them clearly:  I did not change, I always remained, the same.  But the institution, that I founded, drastically changed, over time – to the point, where it is ‘unrecognizable’; where its ‘ways of tolerance’ are foreign to Me.  Because, Benedict is ‘a freemason, and is one, of the highest ranking officials, in that church.  Well ‘freemasonry’ is a form of SatanismAnd My anointing for that position cannot rest on someone so involved in that ‘sick organization’.  Though Benedict claims ‘not to be’, and, even pretends to be against, such involvement – if people do their digging, they will find out the truth; for I will make sure this happens.  And he will be ‘thrust down from his eminence’ – that is, his position of authority.  And behold, I will give his position to another - that he, shall open, and none, shall shut; and he shall shut, and none, shall open.  For ‘the Keys’, have been given, to Pope Peter – the Last, to Petrus Romanus, My True Pope.  For he shall unlock, and lock as he desires.  For in his will, he desires ‘perfect unity with Mine.  And he shall bind, and none shall loose.  And he shall loose, and none, shall bind - for he is also one of My Two Witnesses.  No harm will come to him – though souls may try - they will be ‘utterly defeated’ from the very beginning!  For I have given him: authority – even over the Holy Angels themselves.  And I have given him power to deliver, from the hand of ‘the enemy’those who desire to be ‘set free’ – but ‘not without their cooperation’!” (-Jesus, Saturday, October 27, 2012) [He’s talking about "repentance”] 

So, ‘for the record’, you might ask, “Has the Last Pope been cut off from the True Church?”  Jesus responds to this question as well - saying: “It is the True Church that has separated itself, from ‘the false one’, from the ‘sinking oil tanker’, from ‘all sinking oil tankers’, from the ‘blacksludge’ that has covered the many institutions, including what once was My ownI have ‘laid the Foundation’, for this Church, and I have determined, that it has now been established – firmly founded on ‘Faith in Me’ and ‘no human structure’; firmly founded on, Truth, and blind Obedience to the True Holy Spirit of the Moment; firmly founded, on Wisdom that can only come forth, from My Mind.  As I impart, this Knowledge to My True Shepherd, I expect everyone who ‘claims themselves’, to be Christian, and to be a True Catholic, to acknowledge their True Vicar, here on Earth – no longer, as pope Benedict the sixteenth, but now under, Pope Peter - the Last, and Final True Pope of this Era.” (-Jesus, Sunday, March 25, 2012)  
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