Sunday, March 20, 2016



The BIBLE is the greatest weapon that human has against this corrupt conspiracy, the Illuminati. This group believes that they are bringing about the new kingdom. But what they are doing is establishing the anti Christ kingdom. All of this is revealed in the Scripture and prophesied about. The Bible is the best tool tool to reveal the truth.


Many don't know that the Bible is the sword of the spirit. It's a spiritual sword. Right now we are caught in the spiritual battle so we need we need spiritual weaponry to be able to be able to fight in this battle between the forces of good and evil, And the Illuminati, this group of secret societies, they are on the side of darkness and they are like satan's little minions bringing about the anti Christ kingdom in the world.

Secret societies teach the luciferian doctrine that you will become god by knowing good and evil in their in their rituals, which they believe will make you human to alchemical transformation of spiritual proportions where that person becomes divine

The Illuminati are sun worshippers. They worship the things created things, but not the Creator.

The Illuminati believes that they have the deep secrets, gnosis, the knowledge, the hidden mysteries of old.

They believe that they have higher state of awareness and consciousness by understanding the deeper mysteries, but they are being deceived. They are falling for the great father of lies, satan.

We now know that the activities that go in a Bohemian grove where the world's elite get together on a mock sacrifice of a child effigy.

A lot of people think that this just a fun little ritual that a bunch of frat boys who have a lot of power and money are participating in,

Know that there is a spiritual battle going on.

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