Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Bear Spirit


The bear spirit comes against the anointed ones.
The bear spirit incites the people, the multitude, into violent act.
The Holy Spirit said that the bear spirit specifically comes against those who have been called to be His vessels of anointing.

The mob mentality is beginning to manifest in society today and it's going to be more evident in these last days when mobs begin to violently attack and kill the anointed ones of Yahweh.
The bear spirit is operating in witches. The witches have infiltrated the churches, They think they have power but they have none without this demonic spirit. Demonic spirits use the witches to accomplish their purposes and evil plans of satan, They are promised power and position by satan but in the end these witches will be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity.

Demonic spirits have access to people through objects. When an object is dedicated to a god which is really a demon, it gives the demons access to work through that object.

When an idol is made and dedicated to a god, that idol becomes a passage way through which the demon can operate. 
Now do you see why I forbid making idols and bowing down to them when I gave Moses The Ten Commandments.” - God

Various objects in different religions and organizations that have demons attached to them that we need to be aware of:
  1. Hinduism – they serve many millions of gods and they have idols which they place in a very special place in their homes and they bow down and pray to these idols. Every single one of them have a demon attached to them and it gives the demon access to come into their homes.
  2. Buddhism – the statue of Buddha is an idol and it is an entrance for demons.
    People thinks it's okay to have a statue of Buddha as a piece of artwork in their home to display, but in reality they have opened the door to the demonic spirit to enter into their home.
  3. Catholicism – the statue of Mary and statue of the saints, medallions and black medallions of the saints, they are open doors for demons to come in.
Nowhere in the Bible are we ever instructed to pray to Mary or to saints. We are to pray to our heavenly Father Yahweh using the name of Yeshua. Obviously we are never to pray to the saints, the apostles, and Mary.
4. Witchcraft – they have amulets, they use red wristbands, they have good luck charm. Witches are also known to gift someone a pen that they know a man or woman will put in their pocket or purse. With that pen it gives the witch access to that person. Beware when somebody wants to give you a pen. Witches also try to capture people by giving them a hug.
5. Native Americans – have various objects that they make but very specifically I want to address the dream catchers because I see Christians and other people displaying these dream catchers in their rear view mirror in their cars, they hang in their refrigerators, on a window when in an actuality there's a demon attached to these dream catchers. You have to be aware of that and remove them from your home.

dream catchers,
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6. Organizations such as the Mason, the Eastern Star, the Knights of Columbus. Skulls and Bones, Nazism. Theosophy - they have symbols that they place in their ring, jewelry, in their lapel, pen, medallion, clothing such as swastika. They all have demons attached to them.

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If you are travelling to a foreign country, you need to be aware of the souvenirs that you bring back from a foreign country especially if that object is worshipped and venerated as a god. It's not that it's not a good choice of a souvenir and it's not a good choice for your home décor.

When I was a new Christian, the Holy Spirit showed me things in my home that I needed to remove because there are demonic spirits attached to them: 1) Indian Aztec calendar from Mexico. It's beautiful, made out of 3,000 pieces of intricately carved wood that made up the Aztec calendar, but right in the middle of the calendar was the god, so I had to get rid of that. 2) The magic eight ball that was given to my children as a gift. The one that you shake up and it gives you the answer that kind of float, There's a demonic spirit attached to it. 3)Pokeman cards being played by my children, I had to get rid of it. 4) You need to be aware of toys coming out of China especially dolls and things that speak gibberish, it's like an unknown language just like the fur bees. 5) Games and toys that the characters look demonic have demons attached to them. 6) Watch Tower leaflets that are left by Jehovah's Witnesses have demons attached to them.

Organizations or denominations that are not Christian that want to give you something from their organization or their religion, just beware of that probably have something demonic attached to them.
So if you're a born Christian, you need to ask the Holy Spirit to show the things in your home that give demonic entrance into your home and then after you pray about it, you need to remove those things from your home. This is the time really to cleanse your home of any access to demons. 
So in these last days, we need to be especially aware how this bear spirit is operating. And we need to know that demons do have access to us through certain objects. Just scriptures says, we need to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.