Friday, March 11, 2016

US Deploys Strike Group Armada To The Pacific To Provoke China - Episode...


“The US is continually provoking North Korea and China.

They want to know what everyone is doing. Why do they need to know this? Because they're nervous. They are afraid of the population of each country, that they might rise up and say enough is enough, And this happened many many times in history. This is what they are very nervous about.

In the US they are trying to remove guns from the people, they're trying to spy on every single person so they'll know who is anti government.
The FBI is putting into place where they can monitor the websites. France has it and many countries are doing the same thing. They're chipping away everyone's right. The system is falling apart.

They want to control the situation, that means you don't have your rights, you don't have choices, you don't have have the right to speak out. They want that gun because they want to keep the power they have.

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