Monday, January 9, 2017

Have you been ALLOWING your Mind to "DRIFT"? - to THINKING about the Past, and "Former FAMILY" and "Former FRIENDS"?

photo credit - Whispering Jack

When you ALLOW your mind to "DRIFT" - to THINKING about the past, and "former FAMILY", and "former FRIENDS" - if you don't CATCH yourself right AWAY - then, it turns into "a SNOWBALL effect" - and those DEMONS, that you allowed IN - bring "their FRIENDS".  But USUALLY it begins with YOU, feeling "FALSE COMPASSION", on the Most High TRUE God's ENEMIES; and when you do THAT - THAT'S when, the DEMONS enter.  Because, your FORMER FAMILY and former FRIENDS, WANT you to show 'THEIR DEMONS', "false COMPASSION" - as they try to pray that YOU! - "FEEL", false GUILT! - for 'the LIFESTYLE that you are choosing'.  You ARE a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH - and AS such, you have "RESPONSIBILITIES"- to KEEP, your HOUSE in order - that means, "your INTERIOR life".  As SOON as you allow, yourself, to take "the back seat" - THEN, you GIVE "permission", to the DEMONS, to give you "feelings of ANXIETY" - and "OVERWHELMINGNESS".  You NEED to know, that a few Members of the Faithful Remnant - are CHOOSING, to be "weak" - and they are entertaining 'the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS' - and it is HURTING them.  DON'T! - choose the SAME!  HOLD ON, or HOLD FAST! - to 'WHAT you know to be TRUE' - to "WHAT has been REVEALED to you, from HEAVEN"!  Do YOU know WHY, 'the admonition', was GIVEN, in, the Book of REVELATIONS? - to "HOLD FAST, lest someone steal your CROWN"? (Revelations 3:11)  Because you have to FIGHT, to be a Saint - in THESE Times.  You HAVE to fight, 'the ENEMY' - by CONTINUALLY turning to Jesus.  If you WANT to be "one of His SAINTS" - then it will be EASY for you, to turn to Jesus, in time of TROUBLE; and EVEN - simply out of LOVE for Him - because He MADE you! - and HE alone can fulfill you.
Important Note: Because Jesus Christ the LORD, is PERSONALLY "overseeing", ALL of the Postings on HIS WEBSITE - ALL of the CONTENT, that is HERE - has MET with His APPROVAL.  EVERYTHING! - that is 'IN the Testimony' - EVERYTHING that is WRITTEN; EVERYTHING that is 'EXPLAINED', is "there for a REASON"!  But you WON'T understand, 'ANY of it!' - UNLESS, you receive 'the True Holy SPIRIT', and RENOUNCE, "YOUR sinful WAYS"!  You HAVE to HUMBLE yourself, in OBEYING, our INSTRUCTION - as these INSTRUCTIONS, were GIVEN, BY Heaven - for YOUR "GOOD"!  You NEED to use the Blessed HOLY Water, and REPENT from the heart, PRAY the Burning BUSH prayer - and be "BORN, of WATER, and the TRUE Holy Spirit".- PPTL

Source: testimony of the two witnesses