Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lord Jesus Christ's Messages on the End Times

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Welcome to the End Times My children!  For you are living in the Time: of extremism.  And you are about to witness such extremes, as never, before in history.”
(-Jesus, Tuesday, May 29, 2012)  

These are the End Times, My children, and things are quite different now.”  
(-Jesus, Thursday, July 1, 2010)   

Never has the World been in such turmoil as it is now.  All kinds of depravity are plaguing mankind.  It is only inevitable that their destruction will come, not through My hand, for I only desire life, but through their own conscious choices.  They are throwing themselves into oblivion.  I am simply not going to bow to their demons.  If this is what they want then so be it.  Justice has come, and come swiftly, for the End is near.”
(-Jesus, Friday, November 6, 2009

What am I to do, at the End – of someone’s life?  When they come before Me?  What am I to say – to souls, who have lived their whole lives for themselves?  What do these souls expect from Me?  I tell you: They will receive,what, they were not expectingTruly, I tell them: the measure they give is the measure they will receive in The End.” … Selfishness, is ‘one of the plagues’, of these End Times, My children.  Greed, envy, sloth, unforgiveness, covetousness – these are all ‘the plagues’, of the End Times – maxed out to the fullest degree!  And so these, have been poured outupon the Earth…”
(-Jesus, Tuesday, October 30, 2012)  

But you have received ‘evil’ My children, and so have the rest of My Elect, who cry to me day and night, begging Me to Finish what I started two thousand years ago - crying out to Me to End this Era.  Millions and millions of babies, [- in fact, more than half a billion!], who can never see my Face, plead for mankind’s destruction, as their lives have been taken from them.” 
(-Jesus, Tuesday, April 24, 2012)  

I know: what mankind has chosen to do, with: the gift of Life – either in the womb or elsewhere.  I know the pain and suffering, that has been caused, upon ‘My little ones’ – the unbornthey cry out to Me, begging Me, to End, this Era.  And I am granting their prayers.”  
(-Jesus, Monday, November 26, 2012)

What do I see in this era?  I see people who want to kill each other; I see man wanting man’s destruction; I see man wanting his neighbor’s hurt and harm, and I see man wanting no longer to exist; for why on Earth, would any species desire to slaughter and murder its own young?  Not even the animals do this, but the animals in many cases are even more humane, than human beings.  I see an era, begging to be destroyed, begging to End.” 
(-Jesus, Monday, June 21, 2010)  

Know that you are in the time of the End, when ‘all of Hell’ has broken loose upon the world, and the enemy’s kingdom has reached its peak of evil.  Know, that the enemy’s kingdom is coming to an end…”  
(-Jesus, Friday, March 9, 2012)

People are literally walking around in a daze, brainwashed, into believing everything is fine, and acting on impulses, that do not, come from them; but they are being manipulated, in every way possible to man's bitter end.” 
(-Jesus, Saturday, January 8, 2011)  

And so it is with these End Times My children.  The demoniacs no longer want to be delivered – not like in the time, of two thousand years ago, or even forty or fifty years ago.  I am going to shock you by what I am about to say: but if you gathered up all the numbers of people, and numbered them one by one, and put that against the population of the World, you would find, that over sixty-five percent of the people, are demoniacs.  The other percentage, of the people, are in fact, possessed.”… “These are the End Times My children, and you are living in a time when people refuse to be healed from their sins.” 
(-Jesus, Sunday, January 22, 2012

“…it will take ‘humility’, for them to admit, that this is ‘the Time of The End’.  Not according to the Mayan Calendar will the World End for the people; but according to My Justice the World, that they knew, is ‘coming to a close’.”
(-Jesus, Thursday, May 3, 2012)  

The consolations - of following Me, always outweigh: the hurdles and trials, of this Era.  Yes, there is GreatTribulation in this World.  Yes, the World has become ‘spiritually toxic’ - as well, as ‘physically’And yes, this Era is coming to an End.  For I, have overcome the World, My children.  So seek to be with Me, and you will overcome as well.  Seek to live in the Truth and abide in My Ways, and you will find ‘salvation for your souls’.”  
(-Jesus, Sunday, April 1, 2012)  

I am ‘so ready’, for ‘this generation of souls’ to End My children; but it is because of the souls of ‘My Faithful Remnant to be’, that: I hold-back still… But I am still waiting, for My Faithful Remnant, to follow Me, out of the churches into True Worship, in the True Holy Spirit. The Court is ‘still in session’; and now is the time for souls to ‘appeal to My Mercy’.”
(-Jesus, Tuesday, November 20, 2012)  

In everything give thanks and praise, to the Lord Jesus Christ, as befits true disciples of Him.  Exalt Him, in your hearts – forever; and He will sustain you through what is comingHe will sustain you to the End.” 
(-Pope Peter the First, Saturday, March 3, 2012)

Blessed are they, who keep, the words of this Testimony; and keep, their gowns pure, white, and un-spotted, until The End – when I come again, to Judge the living, as well as the dead.” 
(-Jesus, Monday, October 29, 2012)  

Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses