Tuesday, January 31, 2017


photo credit: Christian Marriage Counseling & Intensive Retreats

Jesus said: I
will, 'abolish the old', to 'fulfill the new'.  Marriage, as 'a Sacrament', no longer exists.  But it is 'a commitment' between two people - a man and a woman - only!: to live with and to love one another - selflessly. Marriage is not 'a contract'; but it is to be 'a Covenant' - between, man and woman - in order for them, to become 'husband and wife'.  In order for marriages to be "Truly Blessed", both people - both man and woman need, 'Blessed Holy Water' - first - so that they can receive 'the benefits', of the Testimony (- just as N. and N. are doing).  All previous 'bonds', and previous 'marriages', are now 'broken' - when those, who 'seek the True Covenant', of 'a Blessed Marriage', have used the Blessed Holy Water, all 'spiritual ties', are broken - with all their previous relationships, so that they are 'free to love the person', that they are now with.  Without the Testimony - without the couple benefiting from 'the Blessed Holy Water', all marriages, are 'cursed'!  Because 'marriage' is not 'a human institution'; but it is 'Divine', and is, to be, 'Holy', and 'pleasing in My Eyes'.  When it is not, then people suffer tremendously - because then there is no 'Divine Love' nor 'Divine Forgiveness' flowing through to each other.  When 'a marriage has been blessed', 'wounds' begin 'to heal'; and 'friendship' - yes I did say 'friendship', starts 'to blossom', into, 'self-sacrificial love', for one another.
(-Jesus, Monday, December 2, 2013

Note: With this Declaration from His Throne in Heaven, Jesus Christ the Lord has once again, come 'like a thief in the night', and has effectively STOLEN "marriage" from all the luciferian religious institutions and the governments.  Thanks, be to God!  He has now "set the captives free" once again.  And there is now more than one couple on the face of the earth that has been joined in "the Holy Covenant of Marriage" by using Blessed Holy Water, available for free, by simply reading and following the instructions on this website. But always remember how marriage is defined from Heaven: as a heterosexual commitment, to a way of life, of selfless loving and living - imitating the example Jesus Christ gave, throughout His entire life - as He made decisions that allowed God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven's Love and Forgiveness to flow To Him and Through Him - to others, always.  Jesus also gave this followup message, only a few minutes, after the one above:
"So they are no longer two but one. What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder."
(Matthew 19:6)

Jesus said: I said, "let no man put asunder".  I never said anything about Myself intervening, 'for the sake of souls'!  I stressed, "what God has joined together".

Note: And so, no longer, can the Governments, or the religious institutions, "tax", the desire in two people, to receive 'the marriage bond' - of being spiritually united for life, as one, by their Creator.  Through the use of Blessed Holy Water, and by following the instructions of their Creator, couples who are immersed in the True Holy Spirit of Love, are now free to begin fully expressing their love and life-long commitment to each other, with a clear conscience.  "Does anyone else need to be present?" - you might be asking.  We, are the Two Witnesses!  And this gift of 'a Blessed Marriage' - by being united in the Holy Covenant of Marriage, through the use of Blessed Holy Water, is "God's present", to you.  - P.P.T.L 
Source: Testimony of the Two Witnesses