Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump's Promises on Life, Family, and Religious Liberty

We INVITE, ALL of the World Leaders, to 'TAKE a STAND'

As, the Two Witnesses of the Most High True God, and as Ambassadors, of His MERCY - to ALL of the Nations, we INVITE, ALL of the World Leaders, to 'TAKE a STAND', and decide, 'WHERE, they WANT their ALLEGIANCE to BE': with the ALMIGHTY CREATOR - with 'the GOD of the Two WITNESSES' - with 'the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE' - who is "the ALPHA AND the Omega" - who is "the BEGINNING, AND the End" - of EVERY Era!  OR, to FALL! - and to fall HARD! - with "the illuminati agenda", that is SIMPLY, "FADING, and PASSING, away! - INTO oblivion".  The BOWLS, of the MOST High TRUE God's WRATH, have been POURED out, and the SCOURGES, HAVE been UNLEASHED.  The seven SEALS, of the LIVING GOD - have been "UNSEALED", AND, 'MUCH suffering and DEVASTATION' - is COMING! - to ALL of the NATIONS, who HAVE, 'VIEWED the TESTIMONY' - who KNOW, 'the TRUTH!' - and have CHOSEN, to "BURY it!" - instead.  Not by OUR hands - is "CALAMITY", COMING; but BY, the DIVINE JUSTICE, of the MOST HIGH TRUE God - through, the Holy Angels, UNDER Saint MICHAEL'S Command.  We are INVITING, the LEADERS, of the NATIONS - TO, make THEIR video testimonies, and ACKNOWLEDGE, the Most High TRUE God - "the GOD, of the Two WITNESSES" - to BE 'the only ONE TRUE God' - of THESE Times.  FOR, if they do NOT! - then, their NATION, will SIMPLY, BE "DEVOURED, by PLAGUES, SCOURGES, and DISASTERS" - in DROVES! - that SIMPLY will NOT, let up, UNTIL they repent.  THIS has been Decreed, "from the Highest HEAVENS".  The LEADERS, of the NATIONS, need to become MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT - OR, THEY, AND their people, will SIMPLY perish!  As Jesus Christ the LORD Himself, said, over 2000 YEARS ago, "REPENT, or PERISH!"  That message NEVER changed.

Important clarification note: And so DID Donald Trump make "a video testimony to the nations", in the video?  Yes, he did!  Did he acknowledge "the God of the Two Witnesses" - to be the only One TRUE God, of these End Times?  No, he didn't.  And so, if he DOESN'T change course, and FAST, he will be "FIRED!"  "The BAR", is set a little higher Donald, and your personal resolution "to WITHHOLD judgment, about the Testimony of the Two Witnesses", is the same, as choosing to be our enemy.  Your entire nation, is now being weighed in the balance, of the Justice of the Most High True God, and your "WINDOW of opportunity, in TIME", to get yourself ABOARD the ONLY Ark of Salvation in these End Times, is coming to a close; your opportunity to proxy for the MERCY of your Creator, upon the United States of America, is quickly coming to a close.  Know that we respect your decision.  Here are the instructions on how to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant. 

Please watch the video here

SOURCE: Testimony of the Two Witnesses

PHOTO CREDIT - Ben Ilegbodu