Saturday, July 9, 2016

We will KNOW, scripture SAYS SO! 2 DREAMS and a Vision/ Psalm 37/ Jesus'...



The time is coming just rest in Me, quit stressing , delight. I'm Your Creator, God bless you.
When things are going awry in your life, think of the things I have blessed you with and delight in Me. It's not supposed to be this way.” - JESUS
You're not supposed to live in such fear and worry and many times the psalms tell us do not worry. Just remember that a child has a very short memory and this is my little three-year-old crying and I can distract her wailing and be happy again. Put it aside and just remember, okay, I'm going to delight in You Lord, I'm going to think crazy for this glorious day we have, brightly shining sun. I'm going to praise You for the health of my children, if they are struggling for health, I'm going to praise You for the help I know You're to deliver them. I take delight for the fact you've provided for me, all these wonderful things sometimes we take for granted. Talk to Him as you would a best friend. You know, yes we have respect, yes we have reverence yes we work on our salvation with fear and trembling as the Bible says, but we also love Him and we trust Him. He knows the desires of our heart and an indulgent Father . He wants the best for us, who wants to guide us, lead us, illuminate our paths and bless us. He wants to give us whatever we want.

Read Psalm 37, I feel this is a message to share with everyone because it is really really really strong. I got four confirmation in one day and the Lord knew I was going to make a video so obviously this is something for all of us.

On June 21, the day after I made my last video, I got a vision. I never had a vision ever before. It was a quick vision , I don't know what it means. It could be symbolic or a literal scene of something. It was very quick as I'm waking up. I'm awake, I'm not not wanting to get out of bed yet, laying in bed and I think my eyes had fluttered open then I close my eyes again, because I was just so comfortable and instantly I saw a quick image of Noah's Ark, but it was flying up into the sky and there were two of them and they were kind of going up and I was seeing from a distance like watching them and they were kind of small. But I knew they are arks and they were beautiful. I just saw them sparkling in the sun as they went higher and like they were trimmed in gold like I saw glittering gold along the edges of them and and they are just lifting up from the earth up in the sky, kind of going off into the sky and then it was gone, It was like a second .

Jesus is gathering us already.Many of us who are being woken up and realizing what time it is, who are becoming walking the walk, shedding which is not of the Lord, we are abiding in Christ.

In this planet only few are hearing it and abiding in Him. Diligently seek Him, and more..

People are coming together and finding each other. We gather and look up.
Jesus said look up for your redemption draweth nigh.
Jesus will come as a thief for those who are not ready. But to those who are watchful and see the signs, we will not be surprised.
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Source: Zab Paschke