Friday, July 8, 2016

MESSAGE FROM JESUS!( Quickly in a flash)

"The trials and testings are going to end. Immediately My son,  you and many will be in My presence. Tell My people what is about to take place is the rapture, the kid great catching away. Son, the moment is going to happen quickly, in a flash The kingdom awaits all My children who await My appearing. Shalom My bride."-JESUS

Judgment is at hand. What is going around the world, God is not pleased with people, they will not obey Him in His Word, whatever He's asking of them. They turned to evil and wickedness.

We're on the countdown. How many days, weeks or months, I have no idea. But what I do know is the Lord is very near. We don't have years left. This is a year of His coming. This is the year, don't doubt, just believe. The told me to give this information because many were afraid to give out this information in fear of man. I don't fear man, I fear the Lord. And I know soon, I'm going to stand before the judgment seat of Christ and make account for what I did and didn't do.

I know that day is fast approaching and yes, I'm afraid of that day. I'm also happy because I'm going to be in the kingdom of God like many of you are. We are the kings, we are sealed by God until redemption day. We are God's. If you are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, you are sealed by God. No one can pluck you out of the Father's hand.

I'm praying now for the Lord to come, do not delay His coming. Many have been given warnings for a long time now. I know we're in the end before tribulation begins. The attacks are severe . I chose to be obedient to the Lord so the attacks would come. I'm not complaining, I'm exhausted, fatigued just like the rest of you and I'm ready to go to the kingdom of God.

Stay encouraged, continue to pray for the loved ones. Many will come to the Lord when the tribulation begins because we have warned them over and over again.