Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"It's the End of the End" come to Jesus now. July 12, 2016


We need to tell people to come to the Lord now, like it's the last, it's the end of the end right now, and judgment is upon us. They have to come and it's not hard. People think that it's a big mystery, it's really not. You just need to call on His name, repent, ask forgiveness and ask Him into your life. Have Him teach you His ways and truly open your heart to Him. That will start you on the right direction and you won't have to be left.

We need to tell everybody now that they have to come to the Lord or return to the Lord and repent. Those who think they are all right with the Lord, they really need to repent and get right because it is time now. Everybody who doesn't know our Lord Jesus, you need to call on Jesus now. WE'RE AT THE VERY END, THE END OF THE END IS HOW HE SHOWED ME.

- Sharon Garrison