Sunday, July 17, 2016



Warning to this event called  “Together 2016”.

If you go to their website, it looks a good thing, They're supposed to get together at the National Mall, It says in the site be one of a million people standing for Jesus, that talks about Jesus, about the massive prayer, all things that seemingly good but this is where someone like me comes in. because discernment has to be used, because something is suspicious about this event. Nothing to do with the guys organizing it, although there's connection involved with this to the Illuminati, to the satanic agenda. The fact that it is endorsed by the Pope, The Pope will be delivering a video message to everyone who's there.

They claim that a million people are going. The website says that there's only  300,000 signed up,who knows what  will end up happening. But the Pope having an involvement with it, is an instant red flag for me. The fact that he's not actually be going there in person. To me that's a massive flag being raised along with the attachment of Billy Graham who is a 33rd  degree Freemason. So you have Graham and the Pope who are endorsing this event.

We already know that the Pope is talking about offering in this One World religion. He's talking about merging Christianity, Buddha, Islam, Jewish. Everybody is mixed together as one religion,
There's only one Christ, Jesus Christ. There's only one Messiah. These other deities,  are not the Messiah. The Pope who is supposed to be the head of the church has the nerve to do this, but that's another story for another day. That's something you need to look into. If you haven't watched the video of him in the One World Religion, then watch it if you  believe in the Pope.  He's just a man, he's satanic, he's a part of it, the Vatican is a part of it so don't fall for that  for that deception. So the Pope is endorsing it, This is where it's a little bit bizarre. If you read about this event, it says:  Today was announced that Pope Francis will deliver a message to help unite Christians in the next great awakening at Together 2016. they're calling it the next great awekening. There's something fishy just about that ,  the name, NEXT GREAT AWAKENING., They're talking about what is to come,  merger of religion. The whole event was started by Nick Hall who you can see with Billy Graham who also told him he has to put this event which is a scary sign.

Billy Graham is an evangelist preacher who is a Freemason, that's all you need  to know, you don't want  to know anything more than that . These people are part of the satanic network  They network through the Freemason Lodge. They are all Freemason, worshipping the beast
Nick Hall said that we are humbled and honored by his involvement and are eager to share his message with the crowd that gathers together 2016 , He said in a statement reacting to the announcement that the Pope has added his name to the list of speakers, that his holiness would choose to speak into this historic day is a testament to the urgency and the need for followers of Jesus to unite in prayer for our nation and our world. This is why this is frightening to me because they are talking about Jesus which is great, but there's something suspicious that something is going on: we can't have Bibles in school, we have the police coming to school for reading scripture. Now they're telling me to allow a million people to go to the National Mall in Washington D.C. at this location, right in front of Washington monument which is satanic. This specific monument, the Washington monument is 6,666 inches tall, 666 wide. The inches match up to 666.  They'll be standing in front of this. Another flag, another concern for this location. Now put it into effect that we're not allowed to go out and speak about Jesus, we're not allowed to do a prayer. It makes you wonder if there's going to be some type of false flag event at this specific place.

You pray and hope that there isn't or there' isn't a false flag, but there's something very suspicious .
You can throw the artist names in there who are  going to perform yet,  Band Hillsong  performing who have nothing but links to the Illuminati nothing but connections, hanging out with Jay-Z who has to do with Wilshere, proud satanist. He was a very high up, not just one of these artists who throws up the hand, he's a high ranking member of the Illuminati. he's above being a musician now.  He's a “mogul”. You can listen to some of the back masking in his music where he bashes Jesus.

Again, he wouldn't be hanging out with these people unless they were part of it.  So this band Hillsong United, brainwash children listening into this music. You just find all the Illuminati symbols and connections in it.

So you have all these bands there, they have a million people there standing in front of what is the Washington monument which represents ball shaft because that is what the obelisk represents, satan's ball shaft. How perverse and sick, that's what the obelisk stands for, A lot of truthers exposed that.

We have these people in front of that (monument), who are supposed to be involved in prayer for Jesus, This to me is very frightening with the Pope's endorsement and Billy Graham's behind it.

They're going to let a million people go out publicly and pray when people can't go anywhere . Hundreds of kids left the school property when they were allowed to leave at lunch and went to a public place and prayed and ate and the school shut it down…

There's a possible chance of a false event here. Keep your eye on it.
War is coming to usher in the anti Christ
They're pushing this false flag stuff  with Muslims and Christians ,

- A call for an uprising