Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Messages from GOD on Obama and Trump

photo credit,lfpress
 April 20th 2016

Hear the anointed words of our Blessed Lord and God ! Hear the anointed words of our Blessed Lord and God!  Hear the anointed words of our Blessed Lord and God!
Our Saviour says that Donald Trump will be elected as president of this nation and he will serve two terms.
Our Saviour also reveals that the current president of this nation, President Obama, who has divided this nation for gain, and is also the antichrist, will soon go to the United Nations.  Our Saviour says that he is already the Secretary General of the United Nations!
Our Saviour  also reveals that the Chinese gold-backed yuan will fail because the Chinese have pilfered their own gold supply; and this will be known soon. Our Saviour reveals that the Chinese have traded their gold supply for terrible robot technologies and other terrible technologies to those, who came from the star systems of Betalgeuse and Arcturus.
And, as our Saviour also reveals, the Chinese plan to use these terrible technologies against their own people to enslave them!  Our Saviour stresses that their gold backed banks will fail!
Our Saviour reveals that HE will take plentifully from the world's gold supply and He will set up a competitive bank, which will be gold-backed and He will save many from the taking the mark of the beast.
This is all that our Saviour told me this morning.
But, I plead with all of you to carefully examine your lives, your actions, your behaviors, your motives and your intentions, both past and present and to get on your knees before our Mighty God and to weep for your wrongs.  Ask Him to please forgive you for your wrongs and to draw you to Him and to save your soul.
He loves you all more than you will ever know!
Linda Newkirk