Monday, April 25, 2016

Do not Fear

JESUS: Enjoy My Passover tonight, Focus on its meaning. Passover was important to Me while I was on earth and yours is to be after mine. Let what is important to Me be important to you. Passover is a privilege and not a chore My bride. So enjoy it and be thankful, It pleases the Father and it pleases Me. Try to refrain from bread tomorrow, but you may resume on Monday.

I have a message for My bride. It is this: love Me, truly love Me. How do you love Me? Seek Me, refrain from the flesh. Pray, pray for others. It is true, when I Am full of joy you are strengthened. Please pray for each other right now. The bride needs strengthened and encouraged. So strengthen and encourage Me, the bride resembles the bridegroom . Deny the world, deny yourselves and fully seek My heart. Everything else can wait. Now is the time to focus your strength on Me. Love your families and spend your time with them. They are not burdens but blessings so make sure you treat them as such and bless them often, Make a habit of blessing others in My name. It is not trite. My Father hears and will act.

Like Nathan small acts are monumental. This is in reference to Jewish boy who had died and gone to I believe heaven, came back. There's a part where they were weighing out deeds.

My final word is this: do not fear of what is to come. If you fear, the devil will come and sweep you away. You must not fear but be full of confidence. Hope in Me. Do not fear, this is a command. Seek My face and hold on to ME and you would stand. The lukewarm will not last, only those firmly rooted in Me. So do not fear. I love you all very much. Be assured of this. Sorry for what is to come My bride, so be with Me frequently. Go in peace.