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Get Some Blessed Holy Water - Receive the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT

December 4, 2013
Petrus Romanus: People who have read the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, know by now, that the Testimony is not to be received by man. But why is this?...  Because it is not to be received by ‘the carnal mind’ or ‘the carnal flesh’ – but it can only be received, by the True Holy Spirit, moving inside, the person who reads it.  And in these End Times, people can only receive the True Holy Spirit, by using Blessed Holy Water.  So what is this “Holy Water” I am speaking of? – you may be wondering… True Holy Water, is water that Only the Most High True God – has put ‘His True Holy Spirit’ into.  At this point in History, the only Holy Water that can be found, on the Face of the Earth, is the Holy Water that can be obtained, by following the instructions, on our website: Testimony of the Two Witnesses, dot com. 

The reason’ that you now need to go to our website, in order to obtain Blessed Holy Water is that  all the “holy water”, in the religious institutions, is now filled! - with ‘the spirit of the antichrist’. The Most High True God has now left all the Religious institutions, and has taken the True Holy Spirit’ with Him. 
So what else does this Blessed Holy Water do?  The Holy Water, when used properly, allows people to receive an outpouring of the True Holy Spirit.  Once the True Holy Spirit is received, it then provides the necessary ‘understanding’, that is needed, in order for people to receive the saving Truths, that are revealed, by reading the Testimony.  But People need, to use ‘Blessed Holy Water’ first, in order to receive ‘the True Holy Spirit’.  

Mary Romanus: Now some people may be wondering where Holy Water, like the Water my husband is speaking of, is mentioned in the Bible.  The Story of the Cleansing of Naaman, in the Second Book of Kings, is where you can find it.  Naamam was suffering from the physical affliction of leprosy.  He went to the Prophet Elisha seeking a cure.  The prophet – guided by the Counsel of the Most High True God, instructed Naaman to wash 7 times in the river Jordan.  Naaman resisted at first, until he was encouraged by one of his servants to humble himself, and do as he was instructed.  It was only when Naaman followed the Instructions of the Prophet, that he was healed- and he was healed completely. In order to get to the kingdom of Heaven, people must obey the Instructions of the True Prophets, just as Naaman did - not just once, but as a way of life.  In these End Times, now that almost everyone on the face of the Earth, has received the Mark of the Beast – some people watching this video, sincerely, want to be healed, of the affliction of the mark – a mark that results in what Jesus describes, as ‘spiritual leprosy’.  

And so God has sent His Prophets out, just as He did in the Old Testament– He has sent His Two Witnesses to reveal the Cure.  But it takes humility, in order to receive the cure.  The reason the Testimony is necessary, in these End Times, is because it is a time.  Most people do not ‘want to be healed.’  And for the very few, who sincerely do, here, is the remedy. The instructions, are on the Holy Water Page of our website. And so for those who want to walk through their remaining days in this life, with the horrific affliction of ‘spiritual leprosy’ - that desire can easily be fulfilled – through your willful neglect, to use the Blessed Holy Water. And for those who desire to be healed. You now have the cure.  And all of Heaven, is sitting back, wondering - when, you are going to use it.

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