Friday, April 22, 2016

GOD YAHUVEH Warns about Halal GMO Cloning in Amightywind Prophecies

"You think when you eat cloned meat you are nourishing your body, but how can that be when there is no life in that meat"? You eat damnation to your own bodies.

Beware of the illusion. PRAY OVER that food for you'll not know if it's cloned or not. Remember, satan wants to counterfeit everything I created. HE DOES IT THROUGH THE NAME OF SCIENCE. but pray over that food, believe Me, believe that I will protect  you. Believe that I will put life in a meat that will bless your body and not curse it.

For I tell you, cloned meat is a counterfeit sent from hell, to say, "I can create just as he can create, eat my food it's better, I can create chicken that will not have the bird flu."

Ask My blessings for everything you eat or drink, For nothing is uncontaminated anymore, but it is the blessing said in the name of Yahushua that will make what is unclean clean and make what is a curse into a blessing.

You must ask My blessings and protection from this moment on for every morsel of food you eat and every beverage you drink. Thank me for it.

Get in the habit now for there is coming a time when you will find it necessary to eat when you rather not eat and drink you  rather not drink but all will be a blessing to your body.

Yes, even that which I have forewarned you is unclean, My Son Yahushua' blood will make clean when it is necessary.

Learn to be grateful  in small things now and take nothing I give you for granted,

Even your fruits and vegetable have not the nutrients I created in them.The water and air has polluted them and the soil is depleted of minerals needed.
You don't even know what a fruit or vegetable should taste  like anymore. It is rare if you do.

As for meats, again I say, you do not understand that which you have eaten the unholy vultures have poisoned in so many ways.

The water you drink, you don't even know why your body doesn't crave water the way I created it to thirst. It is because even the water is not the way I created it.

That is why you must pray blessings on all you partake in My Son Yahushua's name.