Sunday, April 17, 2016

People of Japan and the Nations Near Japan, Hear the Word of the Lord, our God!

 photo credit, your child learns
    April 16th, 2016
So says our Saviour, The God of Creation:  "The ocean is growling beneath Japan!"

Our Saviour is further telling that the south-eastern portion of Japan will be hit with a very great earthquake within a few weeks time and a portion of the south-eastern part of Japan will be cut off of Japan and it will float away from Japan!

Our Saviour warns the people of Japan to repent or perish!  For, this great earthquake is the beginning of the separation of Japan into a few scattered islands; and Japan will no longer be a great nation, but a few scattered islands!

Our Saviour furthermore warns the people of Japan to repent, or perish!

And, He also warns those in the nations, which are near to Japan to repent or perish. For, that whole area of the world is unstable and will churn like a mighty incoming cyclone!

Our Saviour warns the people of Japan to store up food, rice and other sorts of staples and to store up clean water supplies; for severe shortages of both food and clean water will be evident soon in Japan, but particularly in the south-eastern part of Japan, the first area of Japan to break away and to separate from Japan!

  Hear the word of the Lord, our God, all of you people of Japan, and all of you people in the nations, which are near to Japan!