Friday, September 16, 2016

The BIGGEST Sign of these End Times!


The Faithful Remnant Church, the one true Church of Jesus Christ the Lord in these end times. 
People outside the Faithful Remnant who have chosen to reject the life-saving truths in the Testimony and who stubbornly refuse to repent of their sins can only have hatred towards all of us here in the Faithul Remnant and towards their creator, but what they cannot deny is the truth that has convicted their hearts, the Words of Jesus Christ the Lord in His Testimony. All of us members of the Faithful Remnant have shared the Testimony with people we know, former family and friends and almost all of them have rejected it. They rejected the Words of their creator. So, therefore, they are no longer our family, they are no longer our friends. What they cannot deny and cannot ignore is the immediate consequences of their most grave choice that they have all made. As they are now experiencing the torments of hell in their interior lives as a just reward. They can only show hatred and bitterness towards their creator and towards all of us here in Faithful Remnant and so they will try anything to bring us down with them. Like trying to sow doubts, calling the Faithful Remnant a cult.

Now this is typical because like it says in the Bible as Jesus says in the scriptures, that if your true Father is Jssus, the enemy will hate you, the whole world will hate you for His sake. The enemy is using our fallen family by pulling us down, by sowing doubts in us and calling the Faithful Remnant a cult.

What defines a cult? You may say that we match the description, but by your own definition of a cult, you can easily say many things that you are a part of a cult. The company that you work for is a cult, the school that you go to is a cult, the sports team that you play on is a cult, your church is a cult, your own family is a cult.

If you look it up, one of the characteristics of a cult is seen as strange or sinister by those on the outside. You see, people may see as strange from their worldly point of view, but in no way are we sinister. Unless, of course, you call evil good and good evil. In that case you might be getting cancer of Fukushima radiation poison pretty soon.

So, anyways, the Faithful Remnant, now I encourage you if you haven't already, go and watch the videos of the Faithful Remnant members and compare some of the members' first video to the most recent ones. Like mine for example, it is undeniable the visible and undeniable changes on each of us. You have to look more closely around the eyes. It is as though we are more full of life. It true because we are filled with true peace of our creator everyday and He fills our cups full of joy and His abundant graces daily and His abundant gifts and graces daily, We have souls once again and we have true Holy Spirit filled blessed Holy Water.

So many of us have been cured of all sorts of addictions, physical afflictions. We are all blessed beyond belief. It is apparent in our video testimonies that we are all the true peace and we are all have been convicted and transformed by the words of truth and life from Jesus Christ the Lord in His testimony through His two witnesses. We are all the living testimonies to the truth in this Testimony and there is nothng in any of you or the one-world leaders can do to stop us from continuing to proclaim the truth to the nations that the two witnesses are here now on the scene and that Jesus Christ the Lord has website and has sent out His testimony, the flying scroll to the nations as an olive branch of mercy to those who want life and as a rod of justice to those who want death because really if you don't want life, that only leaves one other option-death and everyone one who truly wants life is a member of the Faithful Remnant Church or striving to be. For what is life without the Most High True God. I'll tell you, it's the most futile, unfulfilling, short-lived, sorry excuse of an existence. Not much of an existence at all if you ask me.

So, we Faithful Remnant members are in fact sharing the Most High True God's vengeance upon this wicked generation of soulless human shells. Did I say soulless? Yes, I did. That's because you have the mark of the beast and you are without your soul. The Lord took it from you. You can try and say that you are for Jesus because you believe in Him all you want and tell yourself that you're a good person, but because of selfishness, greed, envy, adultery, tolerance of sin in yourself and in your neighbor and worst of all abortion, the murder of the most innocent of society.

The Most High True God is now rapidly closing this age. As Jesus said in His testimony, on March 11, 2015, and quote: “These global elites derive their power from the killing of the innocent. Do they hunt them for sport, or is the hunger game all about? They leak stuff they are doing through the media through the Hollywood movies so that when other people hear about in real life with real life people being affected and killed, then they will simply dismiss it and say, oh yeah, I saw that movie once. You see how Hollywood works? Everyone is in the power of the evil one through Hollywood, through the media. The elite are not stupid and said that they have studied mankind over the centuries and have learned how they operate. The elite, the global Illuminati members didn't have souls before the mark of the beast. And now through tolerance, everyone is like them except the Remnant, except the ones who are predestined sons and daughters of the kingdom of heaven.”

People may believe all they want that they are against the Illuminati, the New-World Order and the One-World Government luciferian agenda all they want, but they're only deceiving themselves because if they are not for Me, and My Word, and My Two Witnesses,if they hate Me and My Word, and My two witnesses, then they are aligned with their global leaders or allied with them. 
The truth is My children, everyone is part of the ninth circle cult, the cult of Saturnalia because of abortion. So, when they are surprised to hear that this global elites are eating children, it's only vanity because mankind has been eating its own for a very long time. If you don't know the cult Saturnalia or the night circle cult is, go look it up for yourself. It's pretty disgusting.”

After hearng those words from your creator, what do you have to say for yourself? Nobody can go to the actually sit down and read it for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then honestly say that they were not convicted by the most convicting truth known to mankind. People cannot honestly tell themselves that the words that they read are not the words of their creator or that Petrus Romanus and Mary Romanus are not the two witnesses spoken of in Revelation Chapter 11. It is clear that the great delusion spoken of by St. Paul has indeed engulfed the world as everyone lives in self-deception ad the are in fact lavishing and their falsehoods and they cling to their false realities pretending that they will not suffer consequences for their sinful choices.

People love to ignore the uncorfortable truth and in today's society has been made so easy for them to distract themselves from the uncomfortable truth. People have so many outlets to turn to help distract them from the true reality. Television being the big one, cellphones being another, video games. The list goes on and the people who call themselves Christians all believe that the two witnesses will perform big miracles and they demand signs and wonders from them, but they have forgotten that a wicked adulterous generation seeks a sign but none will be given to it except for the sign of Jonah. The sign being that you are in the beast state and you are left with nothing but animals as Jonah was in the belly of the wild beast of trhe ocean for three days. And he only let out of that grotesque, disgusting place that he was in once he sincerely repented. Guess what? It has been more than three years now since the mark of the beast came and still almost everyone has refused to repent and so the the most high true God will not bow to anyone's expectations or demands of great signs and miracle s from His two witnesses. They share the Word of God, that is all the proof that you need for the words they share is proof in and of itself and their authenticity.

So, do you want more authenticity of the Testimony? Here iswhat Jesus Christ said in His Testimony on Friday, March 27, 2015. Jesus said and I quote “when they spit in My face and struck Me, with the thorns digging into My head My children, they mockingly asked prophesy to Me, son of man, who is it that struck you. I tell you My children, not much has changed. Did I prophesy? No. Did I do whst they wanted Me to do at the time? No. And when Herod commanded Me to do a miracle for him because he had heard of My miracles, because he had heard of the signs and he told me to change the water into wine. Did I comply? No, I just remained silent for the most part which means I just let him stew and he became filled with rage and he sent for the guards, had Me taken away, but that was because My kingdom is not of this world. And what I was teaching true Christians was not to bow to the will of others, not to bow to demonic inspirations but rather to have the attitude that they listen to what God the Almighty and Eternal Father in heaven tells them to do, not the pressure of the people.

I was giving a lesson even during My crucifixion, My people of what tolerance which eventually would accomplish. What happened when Pilate underwent pressure and he bowed to it. They ended up crucifying Me My children, And just like in these times, it is being done again in order to fulfill the Scripture. The people did not repent then, they followed through with the whole crucifixion but I loved them more than their hatred of Me. That's why I went to the cross out of love for their souls knowing full well that the majority of them would not accept My sacrifice and you both in these times go to the cross daily knowing full well that the majority of people will not accept your sacrifice, the the majority of people will not accept My second coming but instead be filled with rage and strike Me on the cheek, then I turned them the other one and they strike Me again. And they put Me to the test over and over again through you but I will not perform any miracle, signs, and wonders for the Herods out there. I'm not a box of tricks. True signs and true visions bring people to repentance if they are open, but false miracles, false signs, fslse wonders keep the people entertained while the visionary or so called prophet profits from their demise.”

The fact that two witnesses, Petrus Romanus and Mary Romanus, refused to accept any donations whatsoever, is just another proof to their authenticity not to mention the countless messages from Jesus, the saints in heaven and the Blessed Virgin Mary. You see, they would have to be the most creative, most genuius writers of all human history to be able to pull up such a thing if they weren't the two witnesses and to do it all for no monetary gain whatsoever? Yau are out of your mind if you believe that no one puts that much time and effort into something so elaborate and extensive if they were not getting some sort of profit out of it unless of course they really are the two witnesses, the true prophets of the most high true God, who are fully and selflessly giving themselves to the creator in complete service to His divine will and plan spending the majority of their time answering emails to those who are striving to be purified of their sins, to those trying to survive this most intense spiritual battle in all human history. They also update the testimony everyday with even more revelations from heaven with even more messages from Jesus, and then all the while they work for a living to support themselves.

Come on, people, they are the real deal. What they do is not humanly possible without divine intervention, without being graced by God to do so. You cannot, the truth once it has convicted you to the core of your being, but still for most people, they wish they never found the Testimony because it is not comfortable to get your whole world turned upside down, to learn that you have been lied to your whole life, to learn that you are not in good standing to your creator. People would rather stay asleep, they prefer living in deception, they want to claim ignorance at their judgment, but the Word has already judged them once they have come to the Testimony.In actuality, even the people who have not seen the Testimony have been judged and marked for death as they have been given the mark of the beast.

So please, while you are still breathing, while you still have the chance, make a smart decision. And to all that your creator is asking you in His Testimony, who cares what other people might think of you, so be it. All that matters in the end is what your true creator thinks of you and where stsnf before Him, so, do the only smart thing and get your soul back. All it takes is humble and contrite heart. You must let go of your pride because it will kill you if you don't. Unless you have the heart of a child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven,

So, get on your knees, repent from the heart. Ask for forgiveness and get some blessed holy water. It is the only antidote to your suffering, the only way to get the mark of the beast removed.


Let me tell you, it is by far the best thing I have ever been a part of and will ever be a part of and I'm so eternally grateful for the Testimony for Pope Peter the Last and his wife Mary Romanus, the two witnesses. The Testimony gave you life once again. It gave true purpose and there is nowhere else on planet earth that I would rather be and I want to trade anything for what I have now. My pearl of great price, my soul a living relationship with the creator of the universe. I have so many things to be thankful for: daily divine counsel from heaven, blessed holy water, true Christian community living, true loving family that does not tolerate sin and tells me the uncomfortable truth when I need it.

Don't you want to be blesed beyond belief? Don't you want out of this wicked world? If not, then so be it but if you want to experience an abundance of blessings and gifts, then you know what to do

-Cody Teresi