Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Repentance is the Key to Surviving in these End Times


Sincere repentance in sackclothes and ashes, wholehearted repentance, sobbing, mourning and a true desire to be free of all forms of sin. Do not do anything that is offensive to God and strive to please Him instead. For His divine will for your life is much better than your own. So, you must forsake the world and all of its trappings and begin sorrow for your sins and repent wholeheartedly and seek forgiveness for all of your sins as all of us Faithful Remnant members did before we were led to the source of truth and life before we found the flying scroll and did what was required of us to get our souls back and be among the Lord's true flock in these end times.

Here is a message that Jesus gave to His two representatives here on earth, Pope Peter the Last and his wife, Mary Romanus. This message also relates to my last video about the sign of Jonah.

On Saturday, September 22nd, 2012, Jesus said, “the hatred you both have experiencing, now My children, is from those who have been transformed into beast state in their interior lives. I warned them in the beginning not to judge but that discipline was coming . I told them no sign would be given except the sign of Jonah. And what happened to him My children when he tried to run away from My words being proclaimed in his interior life when he refused to do what I was asking of him when he knew it was I speaking? He was swallowed up by a beast. That was his sentence for I am impartial and the beast state is something quite uncomfortable and quite like being swallowed by a whale. Because it is as though the soul is in a black hole and cannot escape though he or she may try and they do not feel My presence in that state but only hatred. I told them fire pours forth from your mouths to consume your foes. Your foes are My foes, My children. And the truth is that these souls are being consumed by an 'internal fire' that won't be put out by, any amount of prayer, or supplication. I, Myself, will decide when each soul has had enough. When I decide to give the soul the desire, to be remorseful; to do penance for their sins; and when I see the soul, is tired of being in that state and start doing what I ask from them. Then, I will release them, through you, My son, Pope Peter the Last. Only through you prayer, and supplication, will I hear the prayers of the souls in that state. When they come to you whether through email or through prayer; and they acknowledge you as My Vicar or representative of My Holy Word, then they can be released from this affliction; but not until they repent: in sackcloth, and in ashes.”

Even after becoming member of the Faithful Remnant, repentance is still required of us. It becomes a way of life for us. This does not mean that we continue sinning knowingly and then ask for forgiveness. For that is something that people from the Roman Catholic institution do. For if you are not striving to be free of sin and to not repeat the same sins again, then you never truly repented wholeheartedly.

Those of us members of the Faithful Remnant, do a thorough examination of our conscience every night, even throughout the day. We confess every moment of the day where we slipped or offended the Lord in any way. As soon as we have recognized the sin, we repent in sackcloth and ashes. As we seek our Lord's forgiveness so that we can be filled with true peace and true joy of the Most High True God again, for we are all climbing the spiritual mountain and we pray for the desire to always get back up and keep climbing when we have fallen or slip spiritually in any way. For the Lord is merciful and He seeks our hearts that truly desire to be free of all forms of sin. The Lord will help us overcome them as long as we do our part in each moment, for it is not impossible but through the graces He gives us, it is possible. We persevere in faith and the Lord has overcome the world. And so can His faithful remnant, what the strength that He gives us.

I would like to close this video with a message from the Blessed Virgin Mary that was given on December 3rd, 2012. The Blessed Virgin Mary said: “I give you this warning, my people, for I care about your souls. I do not want any of you to be eternally separated from the Most High True God. What a terrifying thought! But it is real! If you refuse to turn back to Him, and repent of your sinful ways, then you leave Him with no other course of action ...Just s Nineveh was saved from sudden destruction, so too does He wants to extend His mercy, to the whole world! Nineveh was spared because they responded appropriately, to the request of the Most High True God. But my people, you will not be spared from the Divine Wrath! If you do not return to Him, with True repentance. Know, that He made the Planets and the Stars. He created the whole universe. And the world is just a dot, is just one of the planets. But He has put life here upon this planet. No where else is there life, like here on planet earth. This earth was a gift to mankind, to maintain order upon it, to till the ground and to reap the fruits. After My son Jesus came upon the earth, it was then a time to repent, to turn to the Most High True God, so that souls could ho to heaven. My people, you are so far away from Jesus Christ the Lord. And you are drifting off into nothingness before Him, as you no longer seek to bear fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven; but the kingdom of this world, and the fruits of it, are far more appealing to you. How sad this is. Do you not know that He cursed the fig tree that bore no fruit? Why did He do this? To show His response to souls who refuse to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God...what good is a tree that bears no fruit for the Kingdom of God? And Saint John the Baptist, said “the axe is laid to the root! Bear fruit that befits repentance! Repent and turn back to Him wit sobbing and with tears; tear your hearts and not your garments! Be clothed in the True Holy Spirit once again, so that you can come to the Wedding Feast that is prepared for some of you. But just like in the parable, not all will attend...I am asking you to spread this message of repentance, to your loved ones and to your family members, if you truly care for their souls and for your own. Remember my warning.” December 3, 2012.

Well, aren't you sick of feeling empty inside? Haven't you had enough by the corruptness of this world? Don't you want to be reunited with your creator and experience His true love and true joy for all eternity? If so, go to and learn how to survive in these end times and the wrath that is coming in this wicked generation and instead be a true son or daughter of the Most High True God so that you may have a chance to receive eternal rest for your soul.

- Cody Teresi,