Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Be Vigilant in Taking Care of Your Spiritual Life!

Stay on guard over your interior life, be vigilant in discerning every thought, inspiration, desire that comes to mind. One struggle that I run into in my journey is the desire to affirm my thought when I was having what I thought was a good day spiritually when I felt I was doing enough and everything was seemingly going well. Allow me to warn you that this a very dangerous mind set to ever embrace for that mind set, if ever held onto from one to the next, will cause to become complacent and spiritually stagnant. For the enemy will offer us feelings in the moment when we think we are following the true spirit well when in reality we can always do better. So, we must always carry the attitude that we are not doing enough because as soon as we say to ourselves that we are doing good, the enemy then seizes the opportunity to feed his pride, self-righteous and just a whole mess of other problems.

As we know, there are no plateaus in the spiritual life. And if you are not continuously striving to do more, and to give more to your Creator by actively following His inspirations in every moment, then you are in fact sliding down the Lord's Holy Mountain. 
The spiritual life is not a game of chutes and ladders that you want to play with your soul. You need to give 100% effort, 100% of the time so that you can walk into the physical era of peace and be able to stand before the Son of man when He comes to walk the face of the earth again.

You might be wondering, how do I keep the momentum of roaming? How do I constantly give 100%? Think about how Jesus has given you with His 100% effort and how He gives His all so that His remnant can live in true peace with awakened conscience and how much more has He done for you. 
You see, we are all in debt to our Creator for the sins we have all committed against Him. So, we must show Him our gratitude by always seeking to do His will in a moment and striving to pass His test and overcome temptations when they come. So, what better way to do all of this but by staying in prayer always and being vigilant and caring for and maintaining our spiritual lives. That is our interior lives at all times following the true Holy Spirit of the moment storming all of heaven for help throughout the day in order to remain spiritually focused. So that when temptations do come, you're able to recognize them and reject them quicker.

It is important to remember that the enemy never sleeps, and you reject an evil spirit and ask for a specific grace, the enemy can come back and tempt you with it again, and if you are not actively fighting temptations as they come because you say to yourself you already rejected it, then what is that telling your Creator? That you will give up under pressure? You see, that is cowardice. We are in a battle for our souls, so we must fight for our lives, and prove to our Creator that we want to live and be with Him for eternity.

As Jesus has said in November 2015, the testimony archives, “The whole world is in the power of the evil one. So the only souls left for the devil and his angels to take on are the souls of My faithful remnant, So, My faithful remnant must be ever vigilant in turning to Me and to St. Michael and to their guardian angel at each moment of temptation, Though they are tempted, they do not have to fall for the devil's tricks because I always provide the narrow path through the valley of the shadow of death. I always provide a way out of the temptation, a way to overcome so My Faithful Remnant are stronger the next time the enemy approaches. How is it just, just My Faithful Remnant be tested and tried and be tempted? Even the angels were tested because I am just and even I was tempted by the devil himself and My Father allowed this to happen because He is just. And so, there is absolutely no excuse to fall into serious sin . There is no excuse to abandon the state of grace. My Faithful Remnants are called to overcome the world by living in abiding with Me, otherwise, the world will overcome them.”

So, fight for your life, fight to stay on board the large Ark of safety. Fight to be pure and spotless before your Creator and strive to please Him to do more and to give more to His kingdom with King Jesus and that strength that He gives us when to turn to Him for help, all is possible. So, there is no excuse, and if you ever find yourself being afflicted even after rejecting the demons associated with the affliction or temptation. It is important to remember to reject the desire to be tormented by evil spirits and ask for the grace to be vigilant and reject them as they surface. Oddly enough there is a desire that you may have to tolerate afflictions in yourself. You may even be desiring to entertain the temptations of the enemy. So, reject that the desire and ask for the grace to reject temptations immediately and ask for the grace to turn to Jesus for strength always, and to turn to something else more edifying for your soul in those moments. 
Remember we must always be doers of the word and not just hearers and sayers only. So, make the necessary resolutions every time you slip in any way and to do better the next time because we can always do better. In order to combat the desire to embrace self-affirming thoughts, it is important to examine your conscience regularly and resolve to be perfectly honest with yourself and where you stand before your Creator at all times so that you can get to the source of any affliction no matter how uncomfortable it may turn out to be. For truly, if you are seeking to affirm yourself when you do something right or seeking to be affirmed by your brothers and sisters and demand it, then you are not going to be as receptive to internal correction and the uncomfortable truth when it is given to you as much as you should be. Your focus needs to be purifying as quickly as possible not on getting a pat on the back for doing a good job. 
We all need to seek to please our Creator and Him only. So, we all must be vigilant and turning to the true Holy Spirit of the moment and seeking to do more for our Creator. And not only turn to Him when we need help and deliverance, but sincerely strive to do more for Him throughout the day. What more will Jesus do for you if you are not seeking to do more for Him and if you are not showing Him that you are willing to give 100% effort to your purification. 
So, if you want to be filled with more blessings, gifts and graces, and be purified, then strive to remain in prayer always and do not take the back seat in your interior life. Do not allow the demons to drive your thoughts, inspirations and desires. The enemy of souls want you to fall asleep spiritually so that he can steer you right off the cliff. So, resolve to stay awake spiritually and dialed into the true Holy Spirit of the moment in each and every moment.

If you actively desire to do the will of the Most High True God and living your true vocation as His son or daughter, then you will do what it takes in each and every moment to be pleasing to Him to pass all this test and to bearing good fruit. 
So, may the Most High True God bless the viewers of this video with the grace to desire to give 100% effort to your ongoing purification and the grace to be vigilant in caring for and maintaining your spiritual life in each and every moment. Amen.

- Cody Teresi, testimony of the two witnesses