Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New Birth Mark


Dr. Patricia Show: Have you ever just taken some time and set it aside and just ponder the day that you became born again and you just reflect on that how you have grown spiritually since you became a new creation in Christ and then you become very thankful and grateful that you no longer have to go to hell and that you now have eternal life in heaven.

Under these circumtances that I received this message, I was just so grateful for my salvation and just praying and rejoicing. And just looking back over my life how the Lord has grown me spiritually and all the wonderful things that He has done in my life. In that atmosphere is how I received this nexr message that I want to share with you. 
Holy Spirit: “On the dsy you became born again by My spirit, a certificate was drawn up with your name on it, the date of your salvation and your new

Father was also listed on the certificate. Yahweh is your new Father. When you became born again, you exchanged satan as your father, for Yahweh is your Father. I also placed a mark on you. This mark can be seen by all My angels as well as the demons. This spiritual mark sets you as My own. In the spiritual realm there is no guessing who belongs to Me, Yahweh, and who belongs to satan.

There will come a time when deception is so rampant that I will open the eyes of My children to see the mark of their fellow believers, Those who belong to satan will also have a mark on them. This mark is not to be confused with the mark of the beast that will be required to buy and sell in the last days. Those who receive that mark will be condemned to eternal hell. Tell My children not to take the mark of the beast. When you become born again, the mark of satan is cancelled and you receive My mark.”

Then He began to explain to me what His mark is that which is placed upon us when we become born again. He said this: “The mark is My glory. It's all the colors of the rainbow combined to make a pure bright white light. Each of the color of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are present when the fullness of my spirit is present. These seven colors combined to take a bright white light”

Neville Johnson said that the seven spirits of Yahweh are represented in the colors of the rainbow which also confirms what Holy Spirit just gave me. Neville said that red represents the spirit of the Lord, orange is the spirit of wisdom, yellow is the spirit of understanding, green is the spirit of counsel, blue is the spirit of might, indigo is the spirit of knowledge, violet is the spirit of the fear of the Lord.

And we find those seven spirits in Isaiah 11:1-2. So, when you combine these colors that represent the seven spirits of Yahweh, you get a bright white light which is the fullness of Yahweh's spirit. And that's the mark that we receive at the new birth.

Holy Spirit continued about this mark: “The mark of those who belong to satan is the absence of color which is darkness. The enemy operates at night under the cover of darkness”

When the Lord revealed that to me, my heart was really drawn to start praying for marriages where couples are unequally yoked where, maybe, the husband is a believer and the wife is an unbeliever or vice versa. When a couple is unequally yoked, there's a lot of spiritual friction that goes on in that household. So, I began to pray for couples that are unequally yoked because I truly understand what goes on in the spiritual realm when there is light and darkness in the same household.

As I was praying for these marriages, this is what Holy Spirit revealed to me and how He instructed me to tell you how you are unequally yoked, how to pray for your unsaved spouse. He said “YOU NEED TO PRAY THIS WAY: “IN THE NAME OF YESHUA, I COMMAND THE DARKNESS TO LEAVE MY SPOUSE. I RELEASE THE LIGHT OF YESHUA INTO MY SPOUSE. I DECLARE THAT MY SPOUSE BELONGS TO YESHUA AND I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE THIS DECLARATION BECAUSE YAHWEH SEES US AS ONE.”

Declare this prayer over your spouse until they are no longer in darkness.When you begin to pray this way, there will be a spiritual battle. I want you to know this so that you do not back down from praying. The spiritual battle may become so intense that your spouse may leave the household. It is the darkness in them that will drive your spouse out. Keep praying for your spouse even if they leave. Continue to pray because My mercy is being poured out now to save and redeem marriages of unequally yoked couples.”

So, you see it's really important to continue to pray because of what Holy Spirit said. Right now there is His mercy being poured out for these couples that have a spouse that is unsaved.

H.S – “when a person becomes born again by My spirit, they exchange the mark of darkness for the mark of light. I am the light of the world. I am Yeshua. There is no other name by which a man can have a miracle birth. Call upon My name. Yeshua, while there is still yet time. Come out of the darkness and into My glorious light

John 8:12 says this: “Then Yeshua spoke to them saying, I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

Philippians 2:14-15 says this: “Do all things without complaining and disputing that you may become blameless and harmless children of Yahweh without fault in the midst of the crooked and perverse generation among you who shine as lights in the world.

Holy Spirit explained to me what happens to our hearts in the spiritual realm when we received this miracle birth mark of Yahweh. He said: “All the sins of darkness is completely removed from your heart. I flood your heart with My glorious light and love. Spiritually, you receive a new heart. This new heart gives you a desire to love and obey Yahweh's command . This new heart abhors all sin. It desires to please Yahweh and Yeshua. The new heart battles the soul always. This new heart is assured that you have eternal life in heaven. This new heart wants to glorify Yahweh and Yeshua. This new heart wants to share with others about your miracle birth of a new heart. This new heart becomes one with Yeshua and one with Yahweh. This new heart is incorruptible heart destined to be forever with Yahweh”

Don't you want this new heart? DON'T YOU WANT THE MIRACLE BIRTH OF YAHWEH?