Friday, August 5, 2016


We're under hypnosis that we've been put under by the anti Christ system.

The word mind control, you need to separate from thinking that it's some crazy conspiracy theory word and it's not true. Your brain is like a computer, can be programmed to believe this, to believe that it can be molded, it could be manipulated. That's how the human brain works.

Television is the number one way to get somebody under mind control. 
On average Americans spends over 38 hours a week watching television which is an insane amount of hours sitting in front of this box. It's almost a full-work week for some people. 
Your brain works in two phases, beta waves and alpha waves. Beta waves is when you're awake, that's when you are doing critical thinking, you're making choices in a beta state. An apha state is deep relaxation, it's like daydreaming or being in hypnosis.

Studies have been done that when you turn on the TV and you watch the television, under 60 seconds your brain goes from being in a beta state into an alpha state. Alpha state is a passive learning experience. It's the the right side of your brain is taking control. Your left side which does critical thinking is now shutting off. You can still learn while you're in an alpha state. You just can't decode things, So, when you're watchIng TV and your left side of the brain is off and they're pushing stuff on the news propaganda, music artist, they're telling you this is great. Your beta waves in your brain are not functioning. Your alpha waves can't decode what's going on. It's taking all the information and storing it. It's like you're on auto pilot. Now you're watching it but you're in a day-dreaming state. You're just taking all the information, you're not really questioning it and decoding it because you're under hypnosis in a sense and you're storing all these information in your head without decoding it.

So, you see the news achor talking the way they talk, they look in your eyes, looking in the camera lens, just like a hypnotist, you're getting sleepy. Speaking in monotone, yet authoritative voice while you're in a hypnotic state and they're force-feeding you with false information and lies. At some point you're going to use it like the next day at work, you might bring up what you heard in the news and you talk about like it's real but you never decoded it. You pretty much picked up this information without even knowing it. They desensitize your brain. So, while you're in a hypnotic state, alpha state watching these shows or watching the news , they're desensitizing you like when we see movies over and over with the same plot, this attack that's coming above, it's an alien attack. When it happens, you're not going to react and jump out of your seat. You're even desensitized to what you've been conditioned. That's part of the conditioning process. You can do things in your regular day-to-day life in an alpha state such as when you tie your shoes. The first time you tie your shoes, you're in the beta state because you're learning how to tie. Now it's common nature. Just like driving a car, people jump in alpha state because it's a routine, which is scary in a sense because she should be a beta state because she should be aware and looking around but in and out from beta to an alpha, But when you are watching TV, you're in an alpha state . 
So, they can force feed you information and without your brain debunking it because the beta part of your brain is shut off and there's no critical thinking going on. This is how we've gotten to where we are today because nobody is crtically thinking because everybody is getting force fed information and acting they know everything, believing it's the truth because they heard it on TV because they're under hypnosis. Then they go out and regurgitate this false information and then when people like me or other people out there, they're trying to get the truth out their talk, they say these people are crazy man, you hear this people?

It's really embarrassing on their end because they're under such hypnosis that hearing anything other than what they've been told under this hypnotic state that their body just completely shuts down and puts a wall up attacking it. They attack people, attack “conspiracy theorists”. People truthers they attack because they puta wall up because they've been forced to believe lies and information and they've never used critical thinking. They don't try to debunk anything, never question anything they've heard because the hypnotic state, they were completely brainwashed into believing false information and they carry over into beta state which barely happen in this day and age because people are under mind control because they're on their devices. 
So, when you go down and see somebody constantly on their phone, they're in an alpha state.

Under hypnosis, they're being told who to like, like Katy Perry, Rhianna.This is the food you should eat, the music you should listen to, this is who you should vote for.

Believing in this system which is not real to contol reality. They already have everything pre determined. They already know who the president is going to be, what events are going to happen because they plan them out. By keeping you under hypnosis in an alpha state and force feeding you all this information, this false world around us becomes true. Because your brain has processed all this information while it was not critically thinking.

From the beginning of industrial age, they ushered in the anti Christ movement., with everybody having a television in their house, creating false events like the moon landing and all those things that they have created because the television you perceive as truth, jump in, watch it in alpha state. 
Hypnosis occurs at alpha state so try to remain in beta state.

You're not in a hypnotic trance when reading a book, you're using your beta, but television they've learned that through studies. The Nazi scientists through films of mind control were able to get people behind Hitler, the triumph of the will.

They learned through all these six studies that they did. How to get control of a human being's mind. That's how where we are today. That's why there are so many people out there you look at me and go, wow, this person is beyond an idiot, They can't even process thought because they're not processing thought. They're getting fed false doctrine, false lies, and they're perceivinmg them as reality , walking around like robots, not crtically thinking and anyone who questions these things they've already been told that they're watching the TV because they constantly talk about conspiracy theorists on the televion to desensitize these people and get them conditioned to think that anyone who questions the stuff is a looney living in his parents' basement. That'swhy people jump on people like me or other truthers and attack. People write on my wall say , “the funniest thing I've ever heard”. I don't get upset, I just shake my head. They don't know about this stuff, they don't know some thing like the Kabbalah, some thing like mind control. They've never been taught about this so when they hear it, they thought it's crazy and laugh because all they know is a false doctrine which they heard from the television set which dumb them down to a point they can't even think critically anymore.

So, be aware. I know a lot of people follow this channel, Don't watch a lot of TV, some do. That's not a judgement on if you do. We know that nothing but bad comes out of the television. I watch it to know what what agenda they have planned , what they're doing and I see it because I'm watching it in a beta state. I'm always thinking, what is this, why are they saying that, taking notes while I'm watchng some times. That's what you need to do, try to slip into an alpha state because they can force-feed you stuff into your brain and then you're going to think it's truth because it's going to pop up in your mind the next day or week later. Whenever your brain gets triggered and you have never debunked it because it's pushed in your head while you're in an alpha state.

Your mind is being molded and pushed the way that they wanted to be pushed. That exactly what they want you to think. Think the way they want you to think, which means don't think, believe in our lies, obey us, be dependent on us and never use your brain to critically think and if you hear somebody speaks about this system, they are “conspiracy theorist” or a crazy person. You should laugh at them and that's what happens. That's where we are, where we are and this is basic mind control that we're under. 

Thank you for listening.
-A Call for an Uprising

Messages from Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Mama Mary on Television. ELF Waves, Subliminal waves

Ask Me to protect you, and the Faithful Remnant Church, from all electromagnetic frequencies, from all E.L.F. waves, subliminal messages, propaganda, and internal voices”
(-Jesus, Saturday, January 8, 2011), testimony of the 2 witnesses

"Are you turning them over to the satanic tube, the television? Yes, My children, they are learning to kill by the television. They are learning disrespect for the parents. They laugh at you when you are not watching. . . . "Jesus, March 18, 1989

"Parents, I ask you now to get rid of the infernal machines in your homes! I warned you through many earth-years that this will be a point of destruction for your children. If you, at least-I ask at least, which is the least you can do, is to monitor what your children are seeing. Satan has created the infernal tube. Heaven did not deem it to be in the homes of the just." - Jesus. June 18, 1991 
"They vomit filth! They corrupt the minds of the young and old. They are the boxes created by satan to invade your homes! They have invaded your homes. Take the axe to them!" - Our Lady, November 1, 1974

"There will be no excuses accepted for having these in your presence. They are destroyers of the soul and corrupters of the mind: they take you from your moments of meditation; they take you from reading the words of the good Book, your Bible; they present to you a way of life that is not akin to the way of your God." - Our Lady, September 27, 1975

"How I have begged you to pray for your bishops. How I have begged you to pray for the leaders of your government. Too few pray for them. Too few even pray for members of their own household. And why? Because the damnable machine of satan, television, has been used now to destroy the solidarity of a home. It has come in and separated communication between the individuals of the home." - Our Lady, October 2, 1976

"Well have they laid their plan to destroy your children with drugs, using your school systems, your medias of communication, your newspapers, your televisions, your radios." -Our Lady, November 25, 1978 

"All medias are now controlled. Your children, by manner of the infernal boxes in your homes, the televisions, are being now schooled to kill, to sin. And many parents shall be murdered by their own children! And why? Because you all failed to recognize what is happening before your very eyes: your children are being programmed to kill. A steady diet of violence will lead to the spirit being dulled and the sensitivity being dulled until even murder is condoned." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978

"We ask all parents to keep a steady hand on their children. Bar them from all the insensitive acts being committed on the diabolical tube of satan, your television. I ask if you cannot monitor your set, to remove it immediately from your home, for your children will even resort to murder if they continue to watch the programming." - Our Lady, June 18, 1992 

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