Friday, August 26, 2016

BREAKING: Mega 6.8 Quake Hits Burma 1 Dead Buddhist Pagodas Damage

Italy was hit by 6.2 earthquake, six kms deep, in Rome and other cities and the real damage  are in the latter, very populated area, very shallow earthquake where 73 people are dead and is expected to rise. Many are trapped under the rubbles. Half the town has been destroyed. The earthquake is devastating, apocalyptic.

While 6.8 earthquake hit Burma, 84 kms deep, a powerful one damaging scores of ancient Buddhist pagodas in Bagan. One person is dead but the reports are just coming in. A lot of places for worship and temples have been damaged.

CERN can bring chargeable particle energy from one CERN location to another.

The Lord said that on the last days the earth will shake like a drunken man.
In Isaiah 24:20, Jesus said these words, that we would see major earthquakes.
On television broadcast on the seven prophetic earthquakes, each time there is a quake, a major prophetic event took place and out of those seven prophetic quakes that I have identified six already happened and there's only one left to go and that would be the earthquake on the resurrection of  the two witnesses which is prophesied to happen and 7,000 people will die in the city of Jerusalem that has not taken place. It will also split the Mount of Olives and half has not happened yet.

- Paul Begley